Month 4 - Baby calendar 

Month 4

Baby will be becoming more aware of her surroundings now, and will love being introduced to new objects - especially those which feel different, look different, or make noises. This also means that she'll be much more easily distracted, and so feeding will be a little harder now. The other side of this is that her tummy is bigger, which means she can take more milk during each feed and may go down to between four and six feeds a day and still gain weight.

She can now also distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces, and knows the face of mom and dad. She will become attached to particular toys now, and may cry if they are taken away from her. Baby exercisers are perfect at this age - they will help her physical and mental development, and will be great fun for her, but don't use baby-walkers.

  • She will see colours much more clearly and with more variation - telling the difference between red and orange, for example.
  • Baby should be able to rollover completely by now, and if you turn your back she might be halfway across the room when you turn back! While laid on her back she will be able to lift her shoulders right off the ground.
  • Grasped objects will go straight to her mouth, so be very careful what is within reach.
  • Baby may now be making "mama" and "dada" sounds, will respond clearly to your voice by kicking or waving excitedly, and will also turn away when she isn't interested in what you're doing anymore.


Children in month 4

Birthdays of children who are now 4 months old are from Thursday 21 Sep. 2023 through Friday 20 Oct. 2023.