Month 32 - Baby calendar 

Month 32

Toddler will be growing in independence day by day, and the best development tool you can give your child is this very independence. Do not overly coddle them - once they know how to do something, encourage them to do it every time. You cannnot protect your child forever, but you can make them strong and bold and they can one day learn to look after themselves. If they can zip up their jacket alone, encourage them to do so, if they can put on their shoes alone, again encourage them to do it every time. Teach them these important life skills, then support them by gently guiding them to excellence.

He also may be quite bossy around now, because to him he's the center of the entire universe - he hasn't learned otherwise. He'll want everything his way, when he says, and how he says. Discourage this by being firm with him - do not shout or scream, but rules are rules and should be set in stone. When he comes to learn that he can't just get his own way, it'll soon die down.

  • His personality will be developing swiftly, so it's important to teach him right from wrong, and to socialise him with other children.
  • He'll be very steady on his feet, even when running, and will find it easier to navigate obstacles and perils, but still keep your eyes on him.
  • Imagination play will be becoming more complex now - he may be using animals and toys as "actors" in his game, and may be doing the voices and personalities for them on his own. This is very cute, but actually shows how intelligent he is becoming; abstraction is a very complex system!

Children in month 32

Birthdays of children who are now 32 months old are from Sunday 23 May. 2021 through Tuesday 22 Jun. 2021.