Month 31 - Baby calendar 

Month 31

At this age hitting, biting, pushing, pulling, and other aggression can be pretty commonplace amongst toddlers. Their frustration and anger is finding ways to get out, and they don't understand that hitting and pulling hair, etc, really hurts other people. Don't do it back, as this just teaches them that it's okay to do so when you're angry with someone. This type of punishment makes them lash out; instead, separate the children and explain why she was wrong - "Stacey is crying because you hurt her."

Another negative at this age is that toddler is learning how to lie. They've noticed that lying can get them out of trouble, and so will deploy it when they're worried or scared of the consequences of something. You must calmly explain that telling lies is wrong, and that she should be honest with you at all times. In return, be honest with her - don't promise rewards she won't get, and don't threaten punishments that you will not follow through.

  • Social skills will be developing, for better and for worse. They'll be understanding more "common rules" of play, like games being more fun when everyone is playing fairly, and that kicking and hitting makes people less likely to play with you.
  • Toddler will be able to climb up on low furniture quite easily now, so keep a special eye on them. Even from low heights falls can result in trauma and broken bones.
  • Outside play is great for toddler now - it'll build their physical strength and coordination up, and expose them to many new sights and sounds. As always, keep both eyes on them at all times.

Children in month 31

Birthdays of children who are now 31 months old are from Friday 2 Apr. 2021 through Saturday 1 May. 2021.