Month 30 - Baby calendar 

Month 30

Round about now a lot of children will be enrolled in some kind of daycare or kindergarten. Make sure you have a good look around the place, and ask plenty of questions of the carers, management, and other parents, before deciding to settle on a particular venue. Daycare of this kind can be wonderful for socialising your child; teaching common play, the rules of society in a little microcosm (don't cheat or steal, get on with as many people as you can, etc).

Potty training may be coming along, or perhaps just starting around now - every child develops at a different rate. It's important to continually ask them if they need to "go" - they will, at the start, rarely volunteer this type of information. If you ask regularly, you're far more likely to be successful early on, rather than relying on toddler to tell you out of the blue that they need the potty.

  • Toddler's motor skills are getting better constantly, and these days they can manipulate much finer items: they'll develop simple structures with lego and blocks, etcetera.
  • He may recognize some letter and numbers now, as long as you've been pointing them out to him as much as you can. He may even be able to count items up to ten or so.
  • Toddler is much more likely to be playing WITH friends now, rather than simply playing peacefully near them.
  • Great toys for toddlers this age are art supplies, dough to play with, toys which focus on letters and numbers, and especially imagination play.

Children in month 30

Birthdays of children who are now 30 months old are from Friday 7 May. 2021 through Sunday 6 Jun. 2021.