Month 3 - Baby calendar 

Month 3

Baby will be laughing and giggling a lot this month, and will coo and gurgle even more. His personality will be coming through, and his methods of vocal communicaion are becoming a little more varied. The best thing you can do is play with him and encourage this communication and development even further.

He will also be staying awake for longer periods of time now, and sleeping in a much less broken pattern. This really is when you should start getting much better quality sleep overall. His motor skills are also improving, with much waving of arms, kicking of arms, and batting toys with a closed fist.

  • He can now focus on tiny objects, his vision is really developing now.
  •  Baby can now lift his head while he's lying on his back, and hold it steady without support while he's sitting upright. He will probably also be able to roll over in one direction
  • He can bring both his hands together in front of him, and open and close their fingers much more easily and strongly.
  • He will now enjoy different textures and shapes in his hands as he gains more control of his fingers. This is a great month to begin reading to him - he won't understand the words just yet, but he'll love hearing your voice and this will be great practice for his listening and communication skills.


Children in month 3

Birthdays of children who are now 3 months old are from Monday 7 Aug. 2023 through Wednesday 6 Sep. 2023.