Month 29

Language skills are improving at an incredible rate. Visitors to your home may even comment on how quickly toddler's language skills have come along since the last time they were around, even if it was only the same time last week. He'll be clinging on your every word, and trying them out for himself. Slowly and surely the words will become more clear as he practices them through listening an repetition, so converse with him as much as you can.

He's slowly learning to control his emotions and the actions that arise from them. He'll still enjoy pushing, pulling, and throwing tantrums now and then. When you notice him becoming frustrated, it may help to distract him with something different right away. Talk about something else, bring out a new toy, or ask him a totally unrelated question. It won't work every time, but it's always worth a try for both your sakes.

  • He'll really enjoy dancing at this age, will jump relatively easily with only a few wobbles on landing, and can sometimes catch a ball thrown his way.
  • Toddler will still be easily frustrated, he will try to form longer and longer sentences, and will tell you what certain pictures are of in books if you point at them and ask.
  • He'll love being the centre of attention, and will resent any other children who take this away from him. He'll play better with them, but still won't particularly enjoy sharing.

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Children in month 29

Birthdays of children who are now 29 months old are from Thu,rsday 23 Mar. 2017 through Sat,urday 22 Apr. 2017. The list is sorted by last time online.

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