Month 27

Toddler will be becoming more proficient at everyday tasks now, which makes his, and your, life easier. For example, he may be able to basically put on his jacket before leaving the house (or at least get an arm in) or take his shoes off, or hold a child's cup easily without spilling it instantly. Alongside his fine motions, grander motions will be improving, such as jumping and hopping (they'll love practicing by jumping over puddles, for example).

One of the best methods of play about now is make-believe and pretend. Anything that uses the imagination is fun and wonderful for her, and has the added benefit of improving her cognitive abilities - she can imagine things that don't exist, and this is actually very advanced brainpower at work!

  • She may be able to catch a ball every so often now as her coordination ever improves. She can jump over items, and puddles (and may land in them on purpose!)
  • She'll recognise faces that she doesn't know but may see often, such as a person in a shop. She'll have favourite people and favourite toys.
  • She knows people by name, and isn't afraid to call to them using those names.

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Children in month 27

Birthdays of children who are now 27 months old are from Sun,day 19 Jan. 2020 through Tue,sday 18 Feb. 2020. The list is sorted by last time online.

  • Feb. 09 KK from ABCH
  • Jan. 26 Truelz from Caneia96
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