Month 26 - Baby calendar 

Month 26

Toddler's slow eating can be frustrating, but don't let this get to you - be patient. One solution is to give her smaller portionos, then praise her when she finishes what's on her plate, and offer her some more if she still seems to want some. If not, then she's done! Don't, however, let mealtimes go on forever - limit them to, say, 30 minutes. After this time it's unlikely she's going to eat anymore.

At this age you can help improve toddler's coordination by giving her different ways to play, such as with smaller toys (while you supervise) dough-style play, little animals to create games with, finer puzzle games, etcetera.

  • Toddler can balance on one foot for a few seconds now, will run more than she walks, and can take the tops and lids from jars and bottles.
  • She has learned to pluralise - dogs, cats, boxes, etcetera, and may count items along with you.
  • She'll enjoy getting praise, and spending time with her parents and other trusted adults for playtime, but will also be more comfortable playing on her own in her own little space.

Children in month 26

Birthdays of children who are now 26 months old are from Tuesday 7 Sep. 2021 through Wednesday 6 Oct. 2021.