Month 25

The Terrible Twos may be starting in full swing, now. This can be a very frustrating time to deal with your toddler as they become more loud, energetic, bossy, and selfish, for a while. Patience really is key, because this period is where his personality will truly start to develop - encourage inquisitiveness and fair play, and stick to any rules you have set (it's easy to spoil a child at this age). Be patient but firm, and in time he'll know what freedoms he has and what his limits are.

The perfect way to settle them a little is to help them burn off some of that energy. Take a ball outside and kick or roll it to each other - this will get him running around and using up some of that spare electricity that seems keep him going non-stop. It'll also help his strength, balance, and coordination.

  • Toddler will primarily want to walk everywhere now, and only use his buggy or stroller when he starts to get tired. His walking will also be more coordinated and fluid.
  • He may be started on his toilet training by now, so make sure to stay on top of this, and he will know how to ask to go to the bathroom.
  • He still will not share with other children or toddlers, and prefers adult attention to that of children.
  • Great toys at this age are interactive toys which make noises and speak to him, farm animal toys for him to make-believe with, and building and art materials.

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Children in month 25

Birthdays of children who are now 25 months old are from Wed,nesday 22 Mar. 2017 through Fri,day 21 Apr. 2017. The list is sorted by last time online.

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