Month 24 - Baby calendar 

Month 24

Woohoo! Another big milestone reached, congratulations on making it this far! Toddler will definitely be enjoying sharing space with other toddlers now, and they may play quite noisily but peacefully side by side, but don't expect any real "together play" just yet - they still don't know how to share toys or decide together on the rules of any game. She will probably be very fussy about getting "her way" when it comes to play, and having this "just right" as she sees it, so expect her to undo anything you do when you're trying to play with her.

Talking is really coming along by now; she could be having three-weord conversations with you (simple ones, of course) about, for example, what she is doing, what something is, how she is feeling, and that type of thing. Slightly more advanced instructions like "let's go find where the cat is hiding" will be understood. She may also be asking "why" quite often now - this can be a bit tiring but try to stay patient because the more he questions the more he will learn.

  • She'll be up for trying to catch things thrown to her, with varying levels of success! She'll be more adventurous with where she goes, and will want to walk along walls and on tree-roots and things - just make sure you hold her hand.
  • She can ask specifically for food or drink, and can now name most familiar objects in the house and a good handful of those found outside, like trees or birds.
  • Will be timid around animals, trains, loud buses, and other noisy stuff.
  • Her selfishness is crystalising - she'll know the word "mine" and use it all the time. She may become physical when angry, so discipline her well and reward the good behaviour.

Children in month 24

Birthdays of children who are now 24 months old are from Friday 21 Jan. 2022 through Sunday 20 Feb. 2022.