Month 23 - Baby calendar 

Month 23

Toddler will be starting to take more of an interest in other children now, especially when it comes to playing with them. He might copy what other children around him are doing, or try to get in on their game. They'll still not really know how to play properly together, rather they'll be playing separately but beside each other, and sharing of toys still won't come easily one bit.

Toilet training can usually start roughly about now. Girls are usually ready to start before boys - girls at 24 months, boys at 30 months. It's best not to rush these things - follow your toddler's lead. Get them to tell you when they need to pee or poo: they usually wait until the last minute, which can sometimes actually work in your favour (no waiting around). Give him plenty of praise when he manages to use the toilet, but do not lost patience if he doesn't.

  • He'll love climbing, jumping, and running now. He may also be able to pilot simple sit-on toys and even three or four wheelers which use pedals.
  • He'll try to keep a conversation by asking simple questions if he can, and can himself answer simple questions posed to him.
  • Toddler will enjoy being around other children, but still will not share toys with them. He may try to cuddle them, though!
  • He'll enjoy advanced toys now, such as sand and water toys, building toys, books, or stringing beads.

Children in month 23

Birthdays of children who are now 23 months old are from Tuesday 7 Dec. 2021 through Thursday 6 Jan. 2022.