Month 21 - Baby calendar 

Month 21

At this age you might be trying to socialise toddler with other children, but this will still be problematic. She's just not particularly sociable yet at this age, especially with children, and will still prefer to play with familiar adults such as parents, aunts and uncles, and other caregivers such as nannies or nursery nurses. However, if they are in regular contact with another toddler then it is possible they could develop a friendship and only fight with them every -other- day!

Acting up and tantruming at the worst possible times is quite common around now. Be reasonable in what you expect from them, and remember they're still getting to grips with their emotions versus their independence. Everything you do keep your toddler in mind and how their mood can change - visits from polite company, and trips out to quiet places should ideally be kept short to stop her becoming bored and then disrupting everything for other people.

  • Toddler will really enjoy climbing now, as he gains more control and strength in his limbs. His balance will be improving, which will mean fewer scares for you!
  • He can follow more advanced instructions and directions now i.e. "go get your gloves for me please". He'll be saying 20-30 words now.
  • He may slowly be becoming less selfish with his toys, and less self-centered overall, though he will still be stingy with playing with toys. He'll get on a little better with children but mom and dad are still the best!

Children in month 21

Birthdays of children who are now 21 months old are from Sunday 6 Feb. 2022 through Saturday 5 Mar. 2022.