Month 20 - Baby calendar 

Month 20

At this age children really enjoy learning all about the world around them. Let them play in all different environments, like sand, dirt, mud, water, or in the woods - always keeping an aye on them, of course. A great way for water play is to provide cups and bowls and other toys during bath-time. Remember that children should never be left alone with any volume of water for any length of time.

Toddler's favourite word right now is probably "no!". This is actually a good thing, as he's becoming independent and secure enough in himself to want to try to do things for himself. The downside of this independence is increasing tantrums when he's told what to do - he may hit, bite, scream, kick, and go red in the face with sheer stubborness.

  • He'll be able to climb stairs easily by now, and maybe go down them if you provide plenty of assistance. He'll be running well now, with fewer bumps and dents.
  • He'll be speaking between 15-20 words and asking questions. Scribbling and drawing will be coming on, and he may be able to do very simple rough shapes.
  • Temperamentally he'll be very up and down - rude one minute then affectionate the next. He may be rude with adults and very possessive of his toys.

Children in month 20

Birthdays of children who are now 20 months old are from Monday 7 Mar. 2022 through Wednesday 6 Apr. 2022.