Month 2

During this month it's quite likely that you'll get your first smile from your baby, and that's a moment that will stay with you forever! Baby probably won't be sleeping through the night yet, but may be sleeping for longer periods at a time - this is a blessing, because no doubt your energy levels will need a good recharge by now!

Baby will have a checkup during this month, which usually falls between the sixth and eighth week of life. The healthcare professional will check various features, such as: baby's weight, height, and their cranial circumference; eyes, heart, and genitals; and they will ask about baby's feeding, growth, and sleeping habits.

After this checkup your baby may receive their first batch of vaccinations; against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, HiB, pneumococcal diseases, Rotavirus, and Meningitis B.

  • Baby can now see various colours, and can focus much better on objects that they see. They will show a preference for bright colourful objects and will enjoy more complicated shapes.
  • She can now grasp items voluntarily and more strongly than before, and her movements will be a little less jerky now.
  • This is a great month to get rattles, mobiles, musical or light-up toys for her.


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Children in month 2

Birthdays of children who are now 2 months old are from Sun,day 18 Jul. 2021 through Tue,sday 17 Aug. 2021. The list is sorted by last time online.

  • Jul. 27 J.E. from psalm139
  • Aug. 04 R.E. from gloriousgift
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