Month 19 - Baby calendar 

Month 19

Toddler is able to understand a lot more of what you say compared to just a month or two ago. Of course, just because she knows what you're saying doesn't mean she is particularly going to listen. Mealtimes, playtimes, and if she's watching tv will prove very difficult to get her to listen, as she's trying to prove her independence.

A lot of children this age can have a security blanket, or a favourite toy or dolly, that they take everywhere with them. This can continue for years until one of their friends makes fun of them for it. These items offer real security, almost like a mobile friend, for every situation. They may sleep with them, cuddle with them, and just sit the item nearby when they are playing with something else. Don't take it away, it's not doing any particular harm.

  • Toddler will be running everywhere now, and may not listen when you tell her to stop, leading to bruised knees and bumped heads. She will be dancing when you put music on, and can kick and throw balls.
  • She will love saying "no", can follow basic directions, may imitate animal noises and will enjoy learning new words as often as she can.
  • She'll like cuddling, still, and may cuddle with her security blanket if noone else is available. She'll prefer playing with adults rather than other children.

Children in month 19

Birthdays of children who are now 19 months old are from Thursday 7 Apr. 2022 through Friday 6 May. 2022.