Month 17

Toddler will be able to keep herself company some of the time now, and could have fun sorting her toys into groupings, such as by shape or by colour. In this way she's demonstrating that she knows how some things vary and some things are similar. She'll be putting a lot of her thought and brainpower into her own little games, and won't be happy if anyone interrupts her or wants to try and play with her, and so she'll be very grabby and grumpy with them.

Be careful not to spoil your child at this age - firm boundaries and rules are crucial. If limits are set then they must be enforced consistently. There's no point in having rules if you let baby break them one day and not the next day. Just like in the real world, actions should have consequences, and baby will ultimately benefit and be happier if they know exactly where they stand.

  • Baby can run around on her own, but will find it hard to avoid obstacles when she builds up some speed! She'll love dancing and will be able to go upstairs if you hold her hand.
  • She'll understand a lot more than she can say, will converse away to herself in broken words and lots of babbling, and can copy sounds and actions that she sees and hears.
  • Emotionally she'll be greedy, selfish, stubborn and self-centered, but conversely will enjoy hugs and kisses just as much as ever.

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Children in month 17

Birthdays of children who are now 17 months old are from Mon,day 19 Mar. 2018 through Wed,nesday 18 Apr. 2018. The list is sorted by last time online.

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