Month 16

Baby will really enjoy when you sing rhymes and songs to them, and may babble along with you and try to even hold a little flat tune. Tantrums and anger will also be quite quick to emerge - her frustrations will easily bubble over and her emotions overwhelm her, leading to a screaming tantrum. They haven't yet learnt to control these emotions so don't lose your temper - just be firm and cool and be ready with comfort when it blows over.

Children this age can be very self-centered and selfish, because their independence is rapidly growing but they do not yet know how to share or play together properly. This will pass, and every child goes through this stage, the important part is to keep trying with them and teach them through your own actions.

  • Toddler will be selfish and self-centered, with frustration, anger, and tantrums never too far from the surface. He may be starting to say "no".
  • He can throw a ball reasonably well, and walk around with items in each hand. He will be able to climb more easily on furniture now, too.
  • He'll understand more words than he himself can speak, which may become frustrating for him. He can maybe hold very very basic conversations now, and will understand and undertake simple commands that you give him.
  • Slightly more advanced toys will be great about now, such as big trucks, dollies, books, toys which he can ride on, simple chunky puzzles, etcetera.

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Children in month 16

Birthdays of children who are now 16 months old are from Thu,rsday 19 Apr. 2018 through Fri,day 18 May. 2018. The list is sorted by last time online.

  • May.. 08 Noah from DavidandNoahsMummy
  • May.. 18 Levi from Teenmomoftwo
  • May.. 10 Ryker from Trina_Rison
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