Month 15

Most babies/toddlers are walking pretty well by now, with fewer wobbles and stumbles, but you should still keep an eye on him as much as you can. He'll like to push and pull toys as he's going, and will be competent enough to be able to bend or squat down to pick things up, and will be trying to go up the stairs any opportunity he gets.

Discipline is getting more important now, and there are two main methods of it - using power and using reasoning. Power involves taking away certain privileges, using corporal punishment, taking affection away, etcetera. Reasoning involves making children understand what they did and why it was wrong, and over time children will be more eager to cooperate this way.

  • Baby will be walking well by now, and may have the odd attempt to run around, so watch out! Climbing and dancing will be coming along.
  • He can now point to named body parts, and simple objects that are familiar to him. He'll be able to speak a few more complex words by now.
  • He will love attention at this age, and will recognize familiar people, faces, and voices. He will not want to compromise, and so discipline is important.

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Children in month 15

Birthdays of children who are now 15 months old are from Wed,nesday 25 Mar. 2020 through Fri,day 24 Apr. 2020. The list is sorted by last time online.

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