Month 14 - Baby calendar 

Month 14

Baby, though maybe now "toddler" is a better term, usually now can easily roll a ball and forth with you, and may be drinking from a cup (though some babies at this age still prefer their bottles). Walking may be really improving by now, but if there are still no steps don't worry - some babies can take up to 18 months to take those first steps on their own. Walking, crawling, she'll want to be on the move constantly.

Remember that children learn very well through playing, so a good variety of toys and things to play with will help their development. Not everything has to be bought from a store, either - it just needs to be safe for them and stimulating. With play, let them take charge for now as it's best they do what they're interested in at that moment. Safety is really becoming extra important because of her newfound independence, so keep everything out of reach that poses any risks, especially electricals and chemical items.

  • Most babies are walking well independently now, and can climb stairs if you help them. They may also like to dance when music is played, especially if you join in.
  • She'll spend a lot of time staring at things, so keep the tv time to a minimum - it shouldn't be used as a free babysitter all the time. 
  • She'll be trying extra hard now to be understood, and may grow frustrated if she can't find the words to express what she means. She may scream loudly just to exercise her voice!

Children in month 14

Birthdays of children who are now 14 months old are from Tuesday 6 Sep. 2022 through Wednesday 5 Oct. 2022.