Month 13 - Baby calendar 

Month 13

Children at this age have usually developed some shyness and a few new fears around certain things. If you consistently show him that there's nothing to be afraid of, he will lose this fear - remember, he learns everything from you, but be gentle with encouraging him to confront these fears.

He is probably standing well now, and walking quite independently with the occasional wobble or three, and will find mischief to get involved in. A playpen is a great investment at this age - he will have his independence to do as he likes, but also the safety of solid boundaries around him.

Language will be coming on, and simple words should be coming now and then. He will now know the names of many objects, such as animals, food, toys, etcetera, and can "fetch" them or point at them when you say their names for him.

  • Baby can now climb up onto low steps or very low furniture. He can stand alone for long periods of time unsupported, and may be walking well by now.
  • He will enjoy attention when he is doing something, and praise when he does it right. This type of encouragement is very healthy, so keep an eye on him whatever he does and be ready with claps and gentle cheering.
  • He'll now be getting on well with other children, especially those roughly around his age.
  • He will respond to his name, and come to you if he is walking. He'll be very affectionate with kisses and hugs, and wave bye bye to departing friends or family.

Children in month 13

Birthdays of children who are now 13 months old are from Friday 24 Feb. 2023 through Thursday 23 Mar. 2023.