Month 12 - Baby calendar 

Month 12

One year old, and how time flies! Baby will have come along so much since being born; no longer such a demanding little bundle of skin and crying, but now a little person slowly growing their own personality. Many babies are walking by now, but if she's not then don't worry, this will come along soon. Her babbling may have settled somewhat if she's walking; now that she can move and explore she's less interested in talking and more interested in doing stuff.

On the flip side of this, when she does communicate with you it'll be more of a two-way street: her understanding of the names and functions of objects is growing. For example, if you ask her where the dog is she may point at him. Her interest in energetic, boisterous play will increase, and this will help strengthen her legs, hips, and arms. She will now really benefit from counting games, and you pointing out the names and colours of items, such as fruits and vegetables.

  • Many babies are walking by now, and some are walking very well. She can start trying to throw items, such as a ball, and can usually roll a ball to you by now.
  • Her vocabulary will continue to increase, as will her response to commands and her enjoyment of being read to.
  • Affection will be growing, and she can easily bond with others through hugs and kisses which may be initiated by her now.
  • Her sense of humour will be coming through, and she'll enjoy teasing games with lots of giggles and play. She will be able to stack a few blocks on top of one another.
  • She will be ready to be weaned off infant milk and onto regular milk, though the WHO recommends breastfeeding up to 2 years for optimal health.

Children in month 12

Birthdays of children who are now 12 months old are from Monday 7 Nov. 2022 through Tuesday 6 Dec. 2022.