Month 11 - Baby calendar 

Month 11

Baby is coming up for his birthday soon, and it'll be obvious that he's no longer a completely helpless baby who was once 100% reliable on you. His walking may be coming along, especially if he is holding your hand and coming along the journey with you. He may now also be able to feed himself totally independently for an entire meal, only a little control of a spoon just now, so mostly fingers. Messy, but very cute!

He will probably eat a wide range of foods now, and will enjoy the different textures, flavours, and smells of everything. You shouldn't be seasoning with any additional salt or sugar, and the foods should be highly nutritious.

Now is the time to begin more advanced "no" commands. Hearing just "no" all the time can make baby start to ignore you when you say it. Instead, elaborate on "no" such as "no, that will hurt you" or "no, you will break it". This also has the added benefit of improving his understanding of vocabulary.

  • He'll now be walking better when holding onto something, such as making his way from one end of the couch to the other, and will be able to stand on his own for much longer time than before.
  • He'll now be speaking a variety of one-syllable words, and maybe  a handful of two-syllable words. He'll also talk to you in gibberish and await a response!
  • Baby may now be scribbling, so crayons and paper are a great idea for educational play. Coupled with outdoor play and more advanced toys, this will really help his development come along.
  • Sadly he won't want to be held as much as before, because he'll want to get down to the ground and go exploring on his own. This can be disheartening but should be encouraged!

Children in month 11

Birthdays of children who are now 11 months old are from Wednesday 7 Dec. 2022 through Friday 6 Jan. 2023.