Month 10 - Baby calendar 

Month 10

Baby will be sitting totally confidently now, with no wobbles or shakes or unbalancing. His crawling will also be coming along in leaps and bounds; he'll be zooming around very quickly indeed! Although by now he will be able to stand up with some help, he may find it trick to sit back down without a bump! Expect the odd bump or bruise here and there, but give him some comfort and he'll soon be on his way again.

Emotionally and intellectually he'll be coming along, too. He'll be more aware of what makes you angry, disappointed, and happy. He may wake up in the middle of the night and look around for familiar people to comfort him. He'll also begin testing your authority, so once you've set your boundaries make sure to stick to them - what is disallowed today is disallowed tomorrow.

It's now time to start using different warnings for baby, too. Instead of just "no" all the time, use other words with a similar tone to your voice; for example "hot" "sharp" "that will hurt you" etcetera. If he gets angry or frustrated, you must be firm. Rules and boundaries are extremely important now.

  • Baby can now perform more coordinated actions, such as rolling a ball towards you, playing patty-cake, and bang toys together.
  • He will be saying ma-ma and da-da regularly, and may also know a few other single syllable words (sock, dog, cat, box). His babbling will also be regular now, and sometimes he may seem to have conversations with himself.
  • He should be drinking quite well from his two-handed cup now, and his pincer grip to pick things up and feed himself will be much more accurate and come more easily.
  • Baby will be more sensitive to emotions, and will cry if your voice becomes harsh. He can express himself better now with pointing, gestures, and other sounds rather than just crying all the time.

Children in month 10

Birthdays of children who are now 10 months old are from Saturday 7 Jan. 2023 through Monday 6 Feb. 2023.