Month 1

In this second month of baby's life, you've both recovered a little from the various stresses of labour and birth. You could feel overwhelmed at this point, and that is normal - again, take any help which is offered to you.

Baby may be able to lift her head for short periods of time, but still needs head support at this stage. She may also begin to gurgle and coo cutely at you, try to encourage this early communication!

  • Baby's vision and hearing are improving a little, she'll love hearing your voice and seeing your face, and will respond to colourful toys. She is able to track objects and can hold eye-contact for a little longer now.
  • She may be squealing and laughing by now, and can recognize parental voices and will prefer these to strangers' voices.
  • Baby has a grasp reflex which will help her take hold of fingers or other small objects.
  • She will also enjoy simple games with you, such as "this little piggy" or little tickle games.


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Children in month 1

Birthdays of children who are now 1 months old are from Sat,urday 19 Mar. 2022 through Mon,day 18 Apr. 2022. The list is sorted by last time online.

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