Baby calendar

In the baby calendar you can closely follow your development of your baby. You will find information about the growth and development of your baby and useful links for parenting.

Useful pages:

The community offers several categories for young mothers. See for example Q&A (General), Breast-feeding and Toddlers. You can find the complete list of categories here.

There are over a hundred information articles on babies en young children. There are for example articles on Feeding, Empty-days (Breastfeeding) and Teeth. The complete overview is shown below.

Most read information articles

    Stomach cramps

    Babies get tummy cramps. They come and go many times. It's no fun for parents either; you can see your little one in pain, the crying doesn't seem to stop, and sometimes it seems like there's nothing you can do to help. Bowel cramps oc......
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