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September 4, 2017 - Wholesale Fashion Dresses for Women happyMy mood while writing this blog:

To long gown dress Lend or Not to Lend Your Dance Costumes Any sweat and odor could remain in the costume. You don't want to wear a dirty or smelly costume, and you certainly don't want someone else's sweat or odor to attach itself to your costume. Don't even think about the odor of cigarette smoke! And a pet-peeve of mine — don't wear fragrances. They also linger and remain in garments. You won't want a stain on your friendship, caused by a stain on your friend's dance costume that you borrowed, so always be extra careful. Don't drink anything, don't eat anything and don't site on anything that could damage the costume. Costumes made of spandex or chiffon can easily snag, by rubbing up against a rough wall or chair, from your hangnails or less-than-perfect fingernails, or from all types of jewelry settings. We all know that dancers can sometimes cake on makeup and spray tan, and it can easily make its way onto your costumes. Not to mention, lipstick from yourself or your best friend. Hair spray or gel? Don't let it near your friend's costume! And beware of your monthly visit…protect your own costumes, and be even more vigilant if the costume is not yours. Needless to say, there are so many possibilities of bad things that can happen, even if you are careful, so realize that if you are lending our your costume, it may not come back as you gave it. Sometimes it might advantageous to borrow a dance costume swimwear manufacturer from a friend. You may really like a costume that your friend has, and maybe they don't use it often. Or you may have budgetary issues, so that you can't afford a new costume at the present time. Borrowing a costume may seem to be an inexpensive option. Friends may be happy to accommodate your request. But there are some things you should consider when lending out your expensive costume, or to consider, if you are asking for this favor. Things could happen, causing this seemingly inexpensive option to become really expensive. Even if you are nearly the same size as your friend, you may not have the same shape, causing the costume to not look ‘quite right' on you. If you need to make alterations or adjustments so that it fits, you need to know if this is OK with the owner. Sometimes alterations can harm a costume, unintentionally of course. Some adjustments are NOT easily reversed. If you lend out a costume, you should have every expectation that it is returned to you in perfect condition. You would not be happy if suddenly the straps were shorter, or it was ‘snugged up' in the hips (or neck, or wherever). Any performance dance costume is somewhat delicate, especially if it has rhinestones, beads, or feathers attached. A hot sweaty performance could possibly dislodge these delicate embellishments. Most performance costumes are generally not laundered, but are spot-cleaned, when necessary. costume manufacturer And be aware that when borrowing a costume, you might now be responsible for a $500 costume or a $2,000 costume, and if it is ruined, you are morally obligated to replace it. Costumes can also get stolen or forgotten (or lost). Never pack an expensive costume in baggage, but always carry it on the plane with you. If your street clothes are lost, you can replace those, but replacing a specialty dance costume at the last minute? This is not easy to do. This could ruin a friendship, so don't take needless risks with someone else's costume. It could cost you the value of a new costume and it could cost you your friendship. I have several articles that list possible preventative measures and cures for after-the-fact problems with costumes. Visit our Costume Care page and click on the following articles: Taking Care of Performance CostumesGirls Do Sweat, Tips for Sweaty CostumesWhen Bad Things Happen You will find lots of tips to keep your costumes in great shape.

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