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September 13, 2017 - Prepare your home before the baby arrives okMy mood while writing this blog:

You get to know you are pregnant and the sheer joy the news brings can only be felt and not explained in words. Women in the final trimester get anxious to hold their little ones in their arms and look forward to the day when this will become a reality. But, this is not all to pregnancy. It is the time to prepare for the changes that are about to happen, in your life, in your husband and family’s lives and also, your household. As a first time mommy, you have even bigger responsibilities to get your house baby ready. The changes are too many and these changes need careful planning and execution.

Here, I have listed few tips that will help you ease your way into this beautiful and life-altering change.

Until now your house was a paradise for you and your husband whom you decorated and furnished as you liked and wanted to. But now the same house has to be redecorated as per the baby that is to join the family soon. I’m not talking about the nursery only, but the entire house has to be made baby proof. Purchase furniture and stuff that suits the needs of the baby and if purchasing new stuff is not on the budget, making changes to the existing stuff around the house is also enough.

Getting the baby’s room is so exciting for the expecting mom, isn’t it? Try not to be over-excited and crowd your baby’s room with stuff that might not be used until a few months later. Buy stuff that is basic and must for the baby’s room like the crib, changing table, rocking chair and such. There’s enough time to keep adding more stuff later on.

Also, the proximity of the baby’s room to your room is of vital importance and be sure to keep that in mind. Apart from designing the room to look cute and beautiful, fit in the stuff at locations that makes it easy for you to handle the baby.

While bringing a new baby into the house, make sure your house is spic and span and every corner of the house is rid of germs and bacteria that might harm the baby. It is not only the door knobs, sofas and house plants that house germs as is a general notion, but the sinks, faucets, and mats are the places where the germs reside and multiply at a great speed.

As a new mom, you will be hard pressed to find time to shop for groceries and other stuff that will be required on the daily basis. It is better to well-planned and do all the basic shopping in advance and stock up your pantry and fridge, so that you or your partner don’t have to run around to get something last minute, and know that shopping with a new baby can get real tricky and annoying.

Motherhood is a joy and each phase of this joy needs to be enjoyed. So, plan your baby’s arrival in advance so that you don’t miss out on those special moments.

Ruchi Gupta, a mother of 2, is a parenting blogger on EssayShark whose heart lies in children, hers and others too and she loves to read and write parenting blogs.

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