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September 13, 2017 - Exercising myths during pregnancy OkMy mood while writing this blog:

Pregnancy is a delicate time for all women, when a huge load of restrictions are put on their daily activities, ‘don’t do this’, ‘don’t eat that’, ‘don’t sit like that’, or ,don’t go out alone’; we all have heard all this during pregnancy and exercising is no exception. There are a number of rumors surrounding exercising during pregnancy and we are quite tempted to believe them from the fear of harming our baby or even to use it as an excuse to get out from exercising.

In fact, exercising during pregnancy is a must and is quite healthy for you and your baby. Exercising also helps you get back in shape post-delivery. So, chuck all these rumors out of the window and get into a workout regime to keep you and the baby healthy.

While going through an article I found few of the myths that I really wanted to bust and clear the doubt any Prego mom-to-be had regarding exercising.


Exercising will get you exhausted

You will find it weird when I say that too much resting will get you tired and an ample amount of exercising and workout will boost energy in you and you will feel more active after a workout session. But believe me, it is true.


Exercising is unsafe during pregnancy

You are not training to take part in the next Olympics; you are simply working out to keep fit and remain healthy even during pregnancy. Training under the expert’s supervision is not at all harmful. Light jogging, lifting light weights, yoga, breathing exercises will only help you at the time of delivery due to the contractions of the muscles during workouts.


If exercising keep it to the basic

Unless and until you are on the high- risk meter, it is ok to workout normally. Your doctor will limit your exercising or completely get you off workouts if he or she feels the need until then you are good to go.

In the last trimester, it is important to have a 30 minutes workout on a regular basis to cope up with the labor and delivery. Exercising will boost your stamina and prepare you better for the final battle – the delivery.


Exercising leads to overheating and dehydration

It is true that exercising can lead to overheating but only if overdone. Being prepared and cautious can help you exercise without any harm to you and your baby. Drink water before and after the exercises to keep your body properly hydrated. You should avoid working out outdoors or under direct sunlight and in confined spaces. Dress in loose and comfy clothes to prevent constriction of movements and do not drench in sweat. Take it easy and slow but be steady.


Pregnant women should give up sports

Yes, no one is asking you to run a marathon or take part in the soccer match but you don’t have to altogether give up on the sports activities. After the doctor’s consent, you can indulge in the sports activities that will in no way harm you or your baby. You can avoid sports that have a risk of collision or chance of you slipping and hurting your abdomen directly.

All said and done, pregnancy is a stage where women need utmost care and pampering but that doesn’t mean you sit all day lazing on your backside. A little workout under the expert supervision will only benefit instead of harm you.

Ruche Gupta, a mother of 2, is a child activist and a parenting blogger on WriteMyEssayOnline.

Comments on Exercising myths during pregnancy

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