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September 13, 2017 - 5 simple and best exercises during each trimester of pregnancy HappyMy mood while writing this blog:

Adverse to the common belief, pregnant women should workout and keep moving. Women who exercise on regular basis are less prone to back aches, have more energy and help them get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies faster.

Simple and easy exercising routine will keep you healthy, your blood flowing smoothly and relieve of many pregnancy related symptoms and ailments.

Here are 5 simple exercises that can be done at every stage of pregnancy without any risk of harm to you or your baby. It is important that they are done in the right order, that is mentioned here and without putting much strain on the belly muscles.


Above all, do consult your doctor before starting on any exercising regime, as you might be on high-risk criteria.

  1. Plié

This strengthens your hamstrings, quadriceps, and butt and also improves balance.


  1. Side-lying inner thigh and outer thigh

This exercise helps in strengthening the core and the inner thighs.


  1. Planks

It helps n strengthening arms, legs and core.


  1. Curl and lift

This exercise benefits your arms and shoulders.


  1. One arm row

It is good for your arms, biceps and triceps.

Ruchi Gupta, a mother of 2, is a prenatal health expert and specializes in prenatal exercises and diet. Also blogger on WritingCheap.






Comments on 5 simple and best exercises during each trimester of pregnancy

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