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September 9, 2017 - Chicago Cubs jerseys Cincinnati`s Eugenio OkMy mood while writing this blog:

Caps off to Eugenio Suarez and his massive and inspiring in-game bubble gum bubble In Friday night's Reds-Mets game at Citi Field, Chicago Cubs jerseys Cincinnati's Eugenio Suarez pulled off something you don't see every day. It didn't have to do with something he did with the bat or the glove. No, this was something of the "extracurricular" variety, as Suarez was chowing down on some gum in the first inning when he blew a massive bubble while manning his position at third base. Seriously, just look at it: description Somewhere (OK, over in Chicago, where the Brewers were playing the Cubs on Friday) Keon Broxton was probably nodding in approval ... probably with his own gargantuan wad of gum in his mouth. VOTE NOW: Who is MLB's 'funnest' player? So here's the idea: We want to Javier Baez jersey identify the "funnest" player in baseball. Now, sure, you may say, "Hey, dingdongs, 'funnest' is not a word. What are you, a third grader?" And you would be right. But we beat on, boats against the current, because grammar is not our quest. The funnest player in baseball is our quest. What do we mean by funnest player? There is almost no chance that you, imaginary reader, are really asking this question; it's pretty self-explanatory and something you know instinctively. Who is MLB's 'funnest' player? Who is MLB's 'funnest' player?'s Joe Posnanski introduces a new tournament to determine which player is the most fun to watch play But just in case: This is not at all about finding the best player. Anthony Rizzo Jersey No, we want to find the players who make your heart stop -- the players you go to the ballpark excited to see. We want to find the players who inspire you to pause when furiously scanning channels. We want to find the players who make you smile, make you laugh out loud, make your jaw drop, make you feel something -- joy or goosebumps or rage. And then, we want to find the funnest one of them all. There is only one way to do this, of course: Twitter polls! Who are we? Another excellent question you certainly did not ask. We are Michael Schur -- writer, producer, baseball nut, creator Chicago Cubs jerseys of "The Good Place" (second season premieres Sept. 20 on NBC). We are Joe Posnanski -- executive columnist of, author, amateur juggler, baseball nut. We host a podcast called The PosCast, which critics have called "way too long," and "why is it so long?" It was there, in our longest-ever PosCast, that we set the seeds for our funnest baseball bracket. Joe's Bracket No. 1 seed: Giancarlo Stanton Baseball's greatest slugger. Probably not true fact: Once hit a baseball that burned out trying to escape the earth's atmosphere. No. 8: Nolan Arenado Has led the National League in homers and RBIs each of the past two years (and leads again this year), and only his immediate family knows it. Makes ludicrous defensive plays on a nightly basis. Probably not true fact: Is the actual Last Jedi -- has not been found because he plays half his games at Coors Field, so no one pays attention. If you are interested in jerseys. Please click:

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