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September 6, 2017 - ViVaGames MMO - Gods Origin Online Coming Soon happyMy mood while writing this blog:

JoyFun revealed that they are working on Nuri Works to bring the ViVaGames Action MMO "Gods Origin Online" to the West in 2017.

Gods Online game S1 introduces an overhauled Battle System where guilds can settle rivalries in often brutal and bloody combat. Guilds will need to issue a direct challenge to one another, and then face off, winning only by either eliminating all the opposing forces, or taking and holding "the hill."
First unveiled at GOO, Gods Origin Online – Early Edition was created by Evil Overlord Games, an East Coast cadre of indie developers, live-action RPG veterans, engineers, and writers.

I.E:  You can use Zeus who is a supreme priest with deputy Athena who will give a 50% chance of dealing crit at 180% and 35% skill energy restored and deputy Druj Nasu who increases damage area by one ring, reduces opponents attack by 30%, increases your dmg by 30% plus 10xnumber of targets + 500.

Characters in Gods Origin OnlineTower of Babel in Gods Origin Online

Some generals do not state a marshal type bonus, this means they can be used with ANY marshal.
Complete 7 days sequential log for extra bonus.
Talk to other players, some may be very experienced in this type of game, use Facebook and forums if you need help. Guides will be posted, explaining the Gods Origin Online game.
 To the victor go the spoils - with the winning side keeping all the equipment the enemy team has left on the battlefield after their ignominious defeat. The Battle System update also introduces new battle formations and commands, for more realistic inter-guild warfare!
As a game we covered in the last year or so, it should be interesting to see how the game has grown since. There are always fans of Total War that just want to get into the battle and it definitely caters to them, offering historical commanders and units for them to command in heated, pitched combat.
GOO Official Site:

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