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September 12, 2017 - The health benefits of healthy soup BeautyMy mood while writing this blog:

Today, people pay more and more attention to healthy diet, and also know the health benefits of healthy soup. In many families diet, will see a variety of soups. Experts suggest that there are many health knowledge on the soup. Next, the specific introduction of some suitable soup ingredients the lancet .

Lotus root.

Chinese medicine believes that raw raw lotus cold, heat removal annoying power, cooked cold by the warm, nourishing stomach Ziyin, spleen Qi effect. Lotus root and kidney bean soup, can improve the quality of sleep, and ribs together soup can spleen appetizers, for spleen and stomach nourishing health. Need to be reminded that, for a long time stewed lotus root, the best choice of ceramic or stainless steel utensils, to avoid wok, but also try not to use iron knife cut lotus root, to avoid its oxidation black.

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White radish beneficial stomach, Shun Qi, the effect of digestion. It can promote bile secretion and help digestion of fat, which mustard oil and dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, contribute to the body's waste discharge. Therefore, the white radish with ribs, beef, mutton, pig's trotters together soup, not only qi qi, but also reduce greasy feeling. If you do not want the spicy white radish is too heavy, do not cover the cover when soup.


Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber and other nutrients, eat can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, can ease constipation. Cooked fresh potatoes in the water can still remain lumpy, taste very noodles to eat, it is suitable for soup. The most common is the Western cuisine of red soup, also known as borscht, the potatoes, carrots, seaweed, onion, beef boiled together, sour and sweet appetizers. In addition, the potato soup is one of the most classic with the delicious flavor, but also spleen Stomach.


Kelp alginate, alginate and other substances, can be antihypertensive lipid-lowering, bleeding on the arteries also have a hemostatic effect. In addition, kelp is rich in trace elements such as iodine, iron and calcium. Kelp and tofu, shrimp, ribs, peanuts, pig's trotters, etc. with soup, or not with any material, direct use of seaweed soup is also very tasty.

Soup for too long no nutrition

Many people like to use small fire soup, a pot is a long time or even a whole day, thinking that nutrition in food can be fully dissolved in the soup, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Soup lengthened modestly can really play a role in increasing nutrition, but if the soup is too long, it not only can not make the soup more nutritious, but will destroy the nutrition inside.

Soup for too long no nutrition

Whether it is Chinese or Western food, whether it is in the restaurant to enjoy the sumptuous cuisine, or usually enjoy ordinary meals at home, ultimately, soup. Because soup is both nutritious and delicious, it is the favorite of many people. For a long time, people think that "the longer the soup is taken, the more nutritious it is." In fact, this is wrong.

First of all, from the soup ingredients, we tend to choose protein-rich animal meat, such as cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens, ducks, etc., these raw materials are high in protein. The protein is the main component of amino acids, which if after a long period of heating, will be destroyed, the soup longer, the more the loss of lysine, resulting in reduced nutrition soup.

Another example is fish soup, fish more delicate, as long as the soup burned to white it, and then continue to stew not only nutrition will be destroyed, the fish will grow old, thick, poor taste. Some people like to put ginseng and other nourishing herbs in the soup, because ginseng contains ginseng saponin, boiled too long will decompose, loss of replenishing value.

In addition, the raw materials of vitamins will also be reduced with the extension of heating time, especially when vitamin C is very easy to lose in the soup, cook 20 minutes later, the loss of vitamins will be about the same.

Therefore, after a long period of soup, although it looks very thick soup, in fact, as time goes by, soup nutrition, the essence has also been quietly taken away, but also affect the flavor of soup.

Do not drink more than an hour and a half

So, how long after the soup is more appropriate?

Tongji University Institute of Nutrition and Health Food experts have conducted a special test. They selected three representative foods for soup: hooves, turkeys and ducks. After testing found: hoofang soup protein and fat content gradually increased after heating for half an hour, 1.5 hours of protein heating, fat heated up to 45 minutes maximum; protein content in chicken and duck soup l hours after heating content Basically unchanged, the fat content rose to its highest when heated for 45 minutes.

The study concludes that the average nutritional value of the three kinds of foodstuffs is highest for 1-1.5 hours of heating and then gradually decreases.

The above is the health knowledge in the soup. Today's introduction of food, are suitable for you to soup Oh. As long as a healthy soup, then your health can be better conservation. Since not all ingredients are suitable for soup, it is necessary to know the right soup ingredientsThere's excellent quality vape pen cartridge at wholesale rates is available at online stores and they are with ceramic body and leak proof seal ! Different product series like pre-heat battery are also available now..

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