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September 12, 2017 - Beauty BeautyMy mood while writing this blog:

Beauty skin care experts found that many friends in the making of delicate eye makeup, will use false eyelashes. We all know that false eyelashes can make lashes appear thick, but the use of false eyelashes will have many skills. After all, how to use false eyelashes to post the dense effect? The following are specific presentations.
The first step: to choose the right tool for the construction of the eyelashes is the most important, tiny scissors to modify the length of the eyebrows and eyelashes. In the trimming of eyelashes should be careful not to damage the eyelid to the hands of the hands, as far as possible to the fingers in the zygomatic suture position, correct posture, in order to trim the state of unnecessary errors.
Step 2: after a little trimming, use a small brush at the level of the lashes, according to the direction of the next upward winding, do not use eyelash eyelash curler, the general eyelash is only increase the rate of loss and extrusion damage, comb for about minutes, eyelash will naturally curl the state, because it is slowly combing the construction of the second generation of natural products, consciousness will easily form the curl of nature.
Step 3: be the eyeliner of the eyeliner, here you can choose eyeliner and eyeliner, eyeliner is soft feel strong, can easily depict the soft light, thick and thin, sometimes can show the artistic body halo, charm is strong; And the eyeliner is to draw the radian of the dotted lines, first to draw 3 points on the line of the eye, and then with the point of the point and 3 points to show 60 degrees - 70 degrees bent, easily fill the gap. In the end of the corner of the eye from the inside out repeatedly 2 times, can make the eyes deep and charming.
Step 4: create a gradual layer of light eye shadow, creating a mirror reflective of the golden color of gold powder. Here can use the finger or short shape of eyeshadows stick to daub the shadow powder on the back of the hand to adjust the color, gently wipe the brow area, and then take the rough shape eyeshadows stick to the eye socket area edge to the eye socket. Take the eye shadow area with the eye shadow area and the outline of the eye shadow area, realize the intersection of the two parts. This can show the sparkle of god, look and shine the eyes.
Step 5: a lift mascara, divided into: styling mascara and at the end of mascara. Before mascara can be used to smear some vitamin e as a precursor, nourishing effect. Mascara can increase the density and persistence. Another mascara is not easy to wear, and the final is to apply mascara, to use a dense, dense brush, thick lashes, this step is important to gently bend the brush head and brush rod parts, from the bottom up evenly and orderly, the root of the curl lashes, stay longer, repeated smear, can gently lift the tip of the tip of the lashes, stand up to the perfect three-dimensional pseudo - eyelash effect.
The above is the correct use of false eyelashes. Use the method introduced today to use false eyelashes, can let your eyelashes appear thick effect, the eye makeup will be more perfect. The use of false eyelashes there are many tips, if you often stick to fake eyelashes, you may want to learn more about the beauty of beauty.


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September 12, 2017 - Beauty