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Week 9 starts on day 63 and goes up to day 70.
It is your 10e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 3 centimeter / 1.2 inches
Weight of your baby: 2 gram / 0.1 ozs

This is another busy week in the early life of your baby as the shoulders, elbows, knees and hips will now be created. Although the baby now has small internal organs it will be many weeks before they are fully formed and functioning correctly. The basic skeleton of your baby is now formed as are his eyes and ears. Your baby's toes are now visible as are his fingers although his hand is still smaller than a pea. His genitals will also be ready this week and his bones are beginning to harden. Twenty tiny buds now form in the jaw of your baby; these will continue to develop until they pop through his gums in the form of teeth.

The embryo begins to look more like a little person now as the tail has all but disappeared. Later the eyelids will be formed as there is now only a thin layer of skin protecting them. The nose, the eyes and mouth are now clearer and the face is more refined. The ears are still not visible but they are now busy developing.

Your uterus should now be about the size of an egg as the baby is still only approximately 3cm. If you are already feeling like you are getting thicker than this around your tummy it may be due to the fact that your gut is inflated or that you are now retaining a lot of fluid.

The development of the baby's hand now progresses quickly and by the 48th day the left hand will be formed with the right hand following three days later.

The feet are also developing quicker now and by the 60th day both will be almost complete.

It is normal during pregnancy for your nose to run or to feel blocked and stuffy. This is due to the excess hormones which are now circulating around your body. You may even find your nose bleeds more than usual.

After this week the baby will no longer be called an embryo but will be termed a fetus.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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JosephNicole (114.4 days ago)
@Jailssa - “I`m 9 weeks tomorrow...„
I am 10 weeks on Thursday and this baby is making me so sick. I wish you the best of luck.. I never knew pregnancy could be so horrible

Jailssa (118.3 days ago)
I`m 9 weeks tomorrow and I`ve only threw up once and always nausea and heartburn

Sana13 (235.9 days ago)
I have my ultrasound at 8 week and hear the angel heartbeat now I am freaking once again as my pregnancy symptoms are vanishing , is my baby o.k . It`s my 1st pregnancy.

Cbeddell (245.5 days ago)
I am 9 weeks and SICK!!! Soo sick!! Nothing is helping.

Amanda Smith (283.5 days ago)
9 weeks with my Rainbow baby had early scan Friday has a lovely strong heart such a relief to see..

Lyndsy lou (284.7 days ago)
9 weeks with my Rainbow baby!!!

Jobenpour (324.7 days ago)
@Momoffour - “I`m almost 9 weeks a...„

MrsFalcon (355.6 days ago)
This is my for

fkarim1129 (429 days ago)
@Sarahgirl0314 - “I`m 9 weeks pregnant...„

Ritasegno (465 days ago)
Hey, I`m 9 weeks pregnant. So frightened and excited at the same time as it`s my first pregnancy. Good luck to all future moms (:

chinwe (487.2 days ago)
Funny how most of us have no sickness. I don`t either, & I`m super happy! My 1st got me hospitalized at this point. But this one, just a super sized heartburn, & cravings! I`m hoping it`s a boy now. Congratulations, moms!

MyMiracle (570.5 days ago)
@andrea82 - “2day(7-15-16)i am 9w...„
WE have the EXACT same symtoms. No morning sickness, just bloading,constant urinating and hungry cravings. I heard my baby heart beat last week it was surreal after that. I`m excited I`m pregnant with my first love

andrea82 (586.1 days ago)
2day(7-15-16)i am 9weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, & my 1st doctors appointment is on 7-19-16 & me my husband & my son are super excited. No morning sickness at all i just feel bloated, & always sleeping & hungry lol & 4ever going 2 use the bathroom lol.. well congrats 2 me & 2 all that are going 2 be moms

luckygirl (638.9 days ago)
I am Due in December on the 29th 2016 Today i am 8 weeks and 5 days Pregnant with first.

rika82 (652 days ago)
9 weeks today no vomiting yet but some nausea and a lot of indigestion this is gonna be a long pregnancy dad is super excited I will be when its time to push in Dec

Ajnmybaby (667.5 days ago)
Hello, 9 wks prego, cant eat nausea as soon as my feet touch the floor and dont end till i go to bed. This is will be my second child the last time i was pregnant was exactly 5 years ago. So its like a foreign language to me. I have alot of patients. Just sick all son is looking for his brother or sis to come through the mail. Lol. And im looking foward to experience a new ste of changelles with this thanksgiving baby. Xoxo

sable (687.1 days ago)
I`m almost 10 weeks and I suffer from really bad morning sickness all day long.... I don`t like the smell of meat cooking or onions... The only meat I can eat is chicken in small doses. I have to take diclegous for relief of nausea and vomiting.

mzclara (699.7 days ago)
Waooo so Hapi 2 see dis

Luchi (709.3 days ago)
@kianna15 - “Here lately the smel...„
all the food makes me nauseous. i only crave for mangoes

Luchi (713.3 days ago)
@kianna15 - “Here lately the smel...„
all the food makes me nauseous. i only crave for mangoes

Luchi (713.4 days ago)
@kianna15 - “Here lately the smel...„
all the food makes me nauseous. i only crave for mangoes

Luchi (713.4 days ago)
9 weeks plus today, am getting tired easily and loss of appetite, the development is overwhelming. this being my second baby

Cynt83 (716.1 days ago)
This is pregnancy 6 for me I have 4 girls and one boy so hoping for another boy.

Jewelz88 (716.9 days ago)
9 weeks today :) relieved everything looked great

hleigh77 (722.2 days ago)
Have had a lot of `morning`/all day sickness and exhausted all the time...I also look about 6 months pregnant and am only 2....Happy but ready for an ultrasound just to calm nerves and to see this lil baby

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