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Week 7 starts on day 49 and goes up to day 56.
It is your 8e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 1 centimeter / 0.4 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 gram / 0 ozs

You are now only 7 weeks pregnant but your baby is growing at an astonishing rate of about 1mm per day. In comparison to the rest of the body, the head is now still very big and will remain like this for a while yet. A few weeks ago your baby looked like a tadpole but now he already resembles a tiny person with the stumps of arms and legs and the buttons where his hands and feet will be. By the end of this week your baby will be approximately 7 to 9mm and the palms of his hands will be visible.

The baby's heart has now grown larger and the construction of the brain and spinal cord is almost complete although they have a long way to go until they are the correct size and in the right place. The muscles of the embryo are now so advanced he can move by himself. The genitals of the baby are not yet visible but they are growing. The baby also now has nostrils.

Although the baby might not be so big at this point, your uterus might be. This means you may to have to urinate more frequently as the bladder is under more pressure from the growing uterus. All the internal organs have to change position to accommodate the uterus and although you may feel these changes, it shouldn't cause any pain.

Because of the increased hormone production now taking place you may experience a variety of symptoms. One look at a teenager with acne and you will realize the problems this can cause. However, you can rest assured that your body is working hard to redress this balance.

There is an ultrasound available at seven weeks which is performed not via the abdomen but vaginally where your baby's heartbeat is visible as a flashing light. However, this early scan is normally only performed if you have previously had a miscarriage, have vaginal bleeding or are worried excessively.

You should not worry too much if you experience a little blood loss as there can be many causes for this. Old blood from when fertilization occurred and also blood vessels burst during intercourse can cause a spotting of blood or a pinkish discharge which shouldn't cause any pain.

If however, blood loss is heavy or prolonged or is it is accompanied by abdominal cramps or pain you should contact your doctor or care giver immediately.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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CameioStewartt (12.8 days ago)
I`m on week seven as well! I`m also praying to make it all the way through this time. I miscarried last October, and went through premature labor at 22 weeks last May. I didn`t know I was pregnant in May, so that should give an idea to my hopefulness. :) good luck to all you soon to be mommies

hayhay13 (17.1 days ago)
Almost 8 weeks pregnant! I had a miscarriage last year. Praying to get through the first trimaster.

RyanOlivia (21.9 days ago)
I`m 7 weeks tomorrow. I`m very fatigued, exhausted, always starving but eating enough to feed a horse, my boobs are always so tender and my nipples ache. I`m also so nauseous every morning. That usually lasts until supper time. But starts up again around 3 am. So it seems like I`m always nauseous. I haven`t vomited yet it I feel like I need to a lot. These are all the same symptoms I had with my daughter many years ago. I have 3. 2 boys - 13, & 22. And my daughter is 18. I`m 41. Very excited and never expected this little miracle to happen. I feel like I`m holding my breath for the 2nd trimester.

To combat my morning sickness recently I found dentyne spearmint gum takes my nausea away almost instantly. But I have to consistently chew it. :( that`s the only downside.

Yay!! To all the new mommy-to-bes!!!

dabba13 (45.8 days ago)
I need some friends that are around the same weeks pregnant as me To get some advice from 7 weeks 6 days ...tomorrow will be 8 weeks ...4 more weeks to go before end of danger zone so they say. Please lord ...No miscarriage again!

alexisclarke (46.8 days ago)
I just found out that I`m 7weeks and 5 days pregnant. Last two weeks terrible morning sickness all day with sore breasts and exhaustion.

dabba13 (49.1 days ago)
I am so happy to be pregnant !! Last year me and my husband lost a baby by miscarriage. I feel that this one is a blessing. I am so looking forward to getting passed the first trimester! Pray for me ya`ll!

baby627 (53.5 days ago)
@mmccray - “Omg!! I`m confused I...„
mmccray hello, don`t be confused no symptoms can also be normal. With my son I had not many symptoms at all other than frequent urination and everything went well. Maybe they will kick in later. Try not to worry. Best wishes.

mmccray (54.8 days ago)
Omg!! I`m confused I don`t feel pregnant!!

mmccray (55 days ago)
Omg!! I`m confused I don`t feel pregnant!!

sayoddy (67.4 days ago)
it`s 7weeks! Pregnancy symptoms in full force. With this pregnancy symptoms, i can hang on and have ultrasound later in few weeks time when i can see my full grown baby but won`t exceed 1st trimester

ieashia80 (70.9 days ago)
I`m very excited today I made 7weeks 1day but I`m not liking how I feel at all I`m really hoping things get better really soon!

nicole1982 (76.9 days ago)
Hey I haven`t went to my obgyn yet but I`m trying to figure out why my period was a week late in Jun it suppose to come on Jun 9th but it came on Jun 16th so I found out I am pregnant July 7th but my due date add up to my Jun 9th period n not Jun 16th which is wired to me could I already have been pregnant but pt Tests came out negative thou

Gousia jafar (113.9 days ago)
I am 7 week pregnanat i noticed a little bleed today wen i went to washroom , am very scare please help me .. is it anything wrong???

January baby (119.1 days ago)
I`m 7 week 1 day by last menstural period I had ultrasound last week that showed me 5 weeks 6 days with a heart rate of 109.7 I go back Thursday 11th for another ultrasound to recheck heart rate.

Lil_angel (122.4 days ago)
Ill be 7weeks pregnant tomorrow :-) haven`t had no morning sickness yet

JennaQuinn (122.5 days ago)
I am 7 weeks and 2 days and i feel nauseous everyday all day, but have not vomited anything, ive only tried crackers to help but not have tried anything else. Im 18 amd this is my first preegnancy, im so nervous and cautious about everything! Good luck to all the mommys on here!

jenn6898 (131.4 days ago)
Found out on Mothers Day I`m having baby number #3. Baby #1 is my angel watching over me. Baby #2 is 14 year old. I`m nervous because of my age but super excited. Its been so long I feel as if this is my first one :-) I`m 7 weeks and I swear I look like I am 4 months already. It`s crazy. I`m super tired all the time and nauseous. I thank God for this little miracle because I NEVER thought I`d see this day again. :-)

egoososo (133.3 days ago)
hi am 7 weeks 4 days today so happy just a little waist pain, little breast tenderness no morning sickness no vomiting I thank God

Ammi (135.9 days ago)
7 weeks...1st pregnancy. I`m super nervous. I`m 28 but still feel like I`m a kid having a kid. God`s timing is perfect so if He believes I`m ready then I must be. No morning sickness (praise the Lord)...the only symptom I feel is breast tenderness. And I think I feel flutters but I didn`t know you could feel that so early on. Other than that, everything is going really well. Praying for a healthy baby (my husband wants a boy so praying for that too, lol) and for the wisdom to raise this child.

latty (136.9 days ago)
@Mommy to two - “7 weeks today!!! So ...„
Good for u

latty (136.9 days ago)
My tommy starts showing, I have back aces most of the time. This is my second pregnancy my son is 10 going to be eleven in August. Everything seems new to me again. But thank God no vomiting this time around more sleepy n tired though.

DaliaT (145.5 days ago)
Im 7 weeks and with so many cravings.....

onyx (152.9 days ago)
Im 7 weeks and pregnant with twins

onyx (153.3 days ago)
Im 7 weeks and pregnant with twins

babyberry (159.1 days ago)
Im 7 weeks and 6days at this point a lot of moodiness and feeling sick all the time. Im so excited to be having another baby so my son has someone to play with he has been the only child for 4 yrs. I just really dont recall all the bad sicknesses because with my son i wasnt sick at all!!

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