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Week 6 starts on day 42 and goes up to day 49.
It is your 7e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 5 millimeter / 0,2 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 gram / 0 ozs

Week 6 is a very busy week for your baby as it grows to approximately 5mm from head to tail. As well as growing the head, neck, eyes and ears of your baby will be formed this week. At first the eyes are far apart, almost on the sides of the head.

The baby's heart will be beating a little stronger now and he has limited circulation. This doesn't mean however that the blood pumps throughout the body, it is still too early for that. However the basis of the circulatory system is formed now and this will continue to grow and develop over the coming weeks. Although the heart is now beating it will be many more weeks before your baby would be able to survive on his own outside your body.

Did you know that your baby makes his own blood and can therefore have a different blood type from you?

The short stems which grew last week will now become more pronounced and it is here that the arms and legs of your baby will grow from. The development of the internal organs such as the kidney, liver and gastrointestinal tract is already under way and the brain of your baby continues to develop steadily. The jaws of his mouth are now formed and tiny buttons will indicate where his teeth will be formed.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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Lyndsy lou (9 days ago)
@My Rainbow Gift - “Hi, I am new to the ...„
Prayers for a healthy sticky baby and pregnancy for you. I`m 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my Rainbow baby also so I completely understand. Fingers crossed for both of us and our Rainbows!

My Rainbow Gift (14.9 days ago)
Hi, I am new to the group!

I had a missed miscarriage on November 6, 2016.

I am currently pregnant with my `Rainbow Baby`!

i had today what was suppose to be my 7 weeks Ultrasound but I was told 6 weeks and measuring 4.6.

i was told that because of my miscarriage I probably Ovulated late . I used a Digital Fertility Kit and It seemed to work!!!!

I only saw a baby sack I am to go back in 2 weeks!!!

Thank you Mamas

Kimby7897 (96.7 days ago)
@proud dad - “My wife and I are so...„
Be as compassionate as possible. She has an exceptional increase in hormones right now that can throw a woman for a loop!

proud dad (98.7 days ago)
My wife and I are so excited 1st kid together . We are a little older but looking forward to it. What can I do to help her through her pregnancy ?

Bellona (137.3 days ago)
@JessieH - “@Ricoh73 - “@Jessi...„
I 100% agree with you but some people like to have that belief and if it makes them happy and they dont get nasty or try and force it down other peoples throats, then its just a matter of all getting through this together

Soolmaz (146.9 days ago)
@ADESINA OLUWAYOMI - “On 2nd pregnancy, bu...„
Eat as soon as possible and good luck.

ADESINA OLUWAYOMI (160.2 days ago)
On 2nd pregnancy, but feeling pains in my pelvic,am now 6weeks,can I start taking folic acid now?

Reed2015 (167.2 days ago)

mrsn8 (185 days ago)
On 3rd pregnancy and am already feeling movement (not kicking tho) in tummy. According to primary doc I am now 6wks - could I be further along? First prenatal visit Nov 1st.

jayree78 (218.3 days ago)

by my dates i should be 6.4 weeks, went to ER with cramps and sharp pain, no bleeding, baby measured at 5.6 and heart rate was only 73.... anyone else have such a low HR, and successful pregnancy? Hoping for the best, but feel like I should prepare for the worst. I have already lost 2. :(

mrsdipoyomiene (277.7 days ago)
@Blondiemom84 - “Hi ladies! Anyone du...„
Awwww! Congrats. I`m due march 10th too. This is our first

Lyndsy lou (277.8 days ago)
@Bboyd - “@ve - “@VE - “I`...„
Congratulations! Hope all is well with you and baby.

Ce17 (284.2 days ago)
Due March9th with baby#5 after 2 boys, I`m hoping for a girl!!!

Ce17 (284.3 days ago)
Due March9th with baby#5 after 2 boys, I`m hoping for a girl!!!

Blondiemom84 (286.2 days ago)
Hi ladies! Anyone due march 10th? This is our 7th!!!

Lady Shan (296.3 days ago)
GM momma`s
I`m new to all this but excited to find out I`m Prego now the nervousness of scheduling the first prenatal

BartiaMommy2Be (297.9 days ago)

shellybelly (301.8 days ago)
6 weeks 2 day!! Just found out yesterday!! A little nervous...fourth child! Very excited though!!

Chocolate1022 (306 days ago)

Mrsjdoner (311.3 days ago)
Hello everyone, my name is Jennifer and I`m in my 6th week of pregnancy with our fourth child which we hope is a girl :). Best wishes to all!

amanda83105 (354.1 days ago)
yayy 6 weeks today!! As i hit each and every week, i become more excited to be away from miscarriage stage! Now for May 24th to come so i can see my little one to make sure everything is growing as it should be!! :)

babygurl3694 (354.8 days ago)
I am 6 weeks 6 days today! I`m trying to relearn everything because my baby boy is 10! He is warming up to the news and is starting to get excited... Next Thursday I get to have my first ultrasound...

Mekukuye (371.1 days ago)
@kari ann - “God bless all you lo...„
Amen to that.

babybump1993 (377.5 days ago)
I am six weeks four days pregnant with my second child feeling so excited and blessed! Our last son is almost six and so excited to be big brother :)

kari ann (378.5 days ago)
God bless all you lovely women the lord has blessed you childern are a blessing from him science has nothing to do with creation

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