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Week 5 starts on day 35 and goes up to day 42.
It is your 6e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 2 millimeter / 0,08 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 gram / 0 ozs

How do you Feel?

The symptoms this week are often the same as in the previous week. However, increased levels of the pregnancy hormone (hCG), can lead to an increase in ailments as hCG is thought to be related to many of the symptoms experienced by some but not all pregnant women. The increased levels of this and other hormones are thought to contribute to headaches which some women get now. There is a chance that you will get through the first few weeks with no sign of sickness or dizziness. If this is the case then you are one of the lucky ones, if not it is nice to know that the sickness and dizziness should abate eventually. If your symptoms however are serious you should consult your doctor or care giver just to be safe and to put your mind at rest.


This is another important week in the development of your baby as the construction of the heart and the central nervous system will now begin. It is amazing how only in these first few weeks your baby has transformed from a single fertilised egg to an embryo with arms and legs already beginning to form. Last week your baby resembled a tadpole and now the tiny stems where the arms and legs will grow are already visible. As big as a grain or rice, around 2mm the baby is now visible to the naked eye.

An ultrasound scan can now already distinguish between the head and the tailbone and the spine will start developing. The tiny heart will begin to beat around this time, very slowly and carefully.

As well as stopping smoking and drinking during your pregnancy, it is also very strongly recommended that you don't change your cat's littler box. In the feces of cats exist tiny parasites, toxoplasmosis, also found in raw meat such as steak tartar which are very harmful to your baby. If you are working in the garden you should also wear gloves at all times and avoid coming into contact with the feces of animals. This parasite is usually harmless to adults but can cause severe abnormalities in an unborn baby. Certain soft cheeses should also be avoided during pregnancy as they contain the listeria bacteria, also harmful to unborn babies. Remember to read the packaging carefully and avoid cheeses which contain `au lait cru`. Try also, not to eat offal such as liver and kidneys as these contain high concentrations of vitamin A which can also be harmful to your baby.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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Princessjojo (3.5 hours ago)
I am 5 weeks today...I am 40 yrs old and suffered a miscarriage in Feb...I am freaking out a little as I`m so worried it`s going to happen again :(

Lyndsy lou (12.1 days ago)
5 weeks today with my Rainbow baby! I`m so very excited and nervous. Praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy.

Tazabeth1974 (33 days ago)
I am 42 years old and 5 weeks 3 days pregnant after misscarrying back in December 2015. It has taken over 1 year to conceive again. I am worried about misscarrying again.. I already have 2 daughters 23 & 18 from a previous relationship. This will be my first child with my new partner..

Ladine (73.8 days ago)

Ladine (73.8 days ago)
hi everyone,

I am 38 years old have been waiting so long for this day and finally! yesterday I found out i was pregnant i have a 19 year old daughter soon to be 20 and been married to my husband for 5 years 2/3 this year we became pregnant soon after our wedding but I miscarried and so since than we just have just enjoyed each others company but now we have a bun in the oven!!!!

Maryella7 (74.9 days ago)
I am 5 weeks 2 days. I have a 21 year old boy 20 years old girl then 18,11,9 and 2 girls we have a son in heaven was born 24 weeks lived 12 days May 2016. I miscarriage in September. We are praying every thing turns out to be a a wonderful pregnancy God is in control

Aayesha (132.9 days ago)
Found out Friday that I am pregnant with baby #.............6 oh and I`m 39. #feeling optimistic

Aayesha (135.3 days ago)
Found out Friday that I am pregnant with baby #.............6 oh and I`m 39. #feeling optimistic

Aayesha (138.7 days ago)
Found out Friday that I am pregnant with baby #.............6 oh and I`m 39. #feeling optimistic

prestigeuae (145.1 days ago)
When can I hear the hard

AugLove17 (145.6 days ago)
I`m so thankful

prestigeuae (146.3 days ago)
When can I hear the hard

Lyndsy lou (150.1 days ago)
5 weeks with baby #2 so happy and blessed right now! Can`t wait for December 9th my first appointment and ultrasound!

Mel12111 (158.1 days ago)
Baby #4, almost 5 weeks...

michalate (165.3 days ago)
I`m 3weeks exactly I stopped by bc last year October and if Found out I was pregnant 2 days ago

Maggie2017 (166.6 days ago)
@samijones874 - “Anyone else having t...„
Yes I had to use the last day of my cycle

Spunky12 (168.4 days ago)
I`m 5 weeks pregnant!! My baby number 5

funkymunky (169.7 days ago)
I`m panicking over every little twinge, headache etc. I had a mmc in July, now 5/6wks gone. Mc at 12 weeks but it was measuring 9, anyone know if i can request an early scan to stop me panicking? M/w appointment on the 29th so hoping to ask then. Congrats everyone!

Missbliss7 (177.6 days ago)
So excited!

10yrsLa8r2ndBabyBump (184.1 days ago)
@madeintexas806 - “@10yrsLa8r2ndBabyBum...„
lol thanks we got this!!

mrsn8 (186.2 days ago)
On 3rd pregnancy and am already feeling movement (not kicking tho) in tummy. According to primary doc I am now 6wks - could I be further along? First prenatal visit Nov 1st.

madeintexas806 (193.1 days ago)
@10yrsLa8r2ndBabyBump - “@madeintexas806 - ??...„
Yay... We got this.

HEAVENMOM23 (197.5 days ago)
Yes my baby is 8 in I`m 5 weeks

HEAVENMOM23 (197.5 days ago)
Just put in the last day of your mestraul in it will give you your due date

Nzingha1980 (233.4 days ago)
@samijones874 - “Anyone else having t...„
Yes I am having that issue too

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