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Adding a birth story: If you already added your child to your profile but haven't added a birth story yet: •Go to your profile and click `Edit my children`. Click the `Edit profile` button and write your story.
BabyZi gave birth to a girl
named Zara-Indiana-Harvey
Date of birth: April 14, 2017

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14 comments on this topic

Xaina (277.5 days ago)
Blessed with a baby girl...??
Date if birth is 18 june 2016

Ar (318.4 days ago)
Congrats ladies

Angiee1 (354.6 days ago)
If I`m 7weeks and 1day pregnant when am I due?

olakay (374.7 days ago)

Tshegofatso7 (677.8 days ago)
I gave birth to a baby girl named Bonolo on the 7 March 2015

teenat (722.1 days ago)

mrs Fawole (753.7 days ago)
Our prince came on the 24th of march, he is very handsome. Named salem GOD Bless him

mswilson731 (810.5 days ago)
Not telling me nothing

Annarey (879.9 days ago)
@chomy - “What`s butterfly, bu...„
Babies that aren`t around anymore

cctown (962.4 days ago)
@Sanesh - “Need help, had sex o...„
Yes - definitely possible. Some women still get it for months after conceiving and some throughout the whole pregnancy.

Sanesh (1026.6 days ago)
Need help, had sex on the 26th and I was on my period! Now I`m 8 weeks pregnant, is it possible to be on your periods after u conceived?

3mom (1213.1 days ago)
Congrats new mommas enjoy ur babies!

shaquanadpw (1238 days ago)
Congratulations New Mommy`s!!!!!!!

TAAJKDT (1269.7 days ago)

chomy (1328.4 days ago)
What`s butterfly, butterfly(a) nd butterfly(b)?

Which pregnancy week am I?

Use the pregnancy calculator to show the most important dates of your pregnancy.

Due date Last period Ovulation

More accurate due date

A different method of calculating your due date,using the Mittendorf-Williams method, can be found at `Alternative due date`

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