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Week 40 starts on day 280 and goes up to day 287.
It is your 41e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 50 centimeter / 19.7 inches
Weight of your baby: 3400 gram / 7 lbs 8 ozs

At long last! You have reached THE week! This is the week you have been looking forward to for all those months.

Only 5% of all babies are actually born on their due date. One thing you can be sure of is that your baby will be born in the next two weeks.

Although there is nothing you can do to bring labour on. You have no other choice but to wait until the baby decides the time is right.

Enjoy these last few days. Many women miss their bump after the birth.

Childbirth won't exactly be a picnic for you, but it's no fun for the baby either. One minute he's sound asleep, then the next thing he knows, he's being forced out of his warm womb and into the cold outside world, where he suddenly has to get used to lots of new things, loud noises and bright daylight.

If the membranes rupture, the baby will be able to hear all kinds of noises. He might have been asleep but he'll certainly be awake now. Once you start having contractions, the baby will have less freedom of movement.

Throughout your entire pregnancy, your womb was sealed by the cervix, neck of the womb, which is about four centimetres long. During this first stage of labour the contractions will bring about the thinning (effacing) and opening (dilation) of the cervix.

This could take hours, but it could also go very quickly. The average dilation rate is 1 cm per hour. You'll notice that the more relaxed you are, the faster labour will progress. The final centimetres are the most painful because these contractions are the strongest.

When you are fully dilated (10 cm) you are ready to push. This stage of labour is called the delivery. Most women feel relieved at this point, they finally have an active part to play.

During active labour and the strong contractions, you will feel a tremendous pressure low down in your pelvis. You can hardly stop it but thankfully, you don't have to! With every contraction bearing down, your baby will move a little further. In between the contractions his head will slip back a little again. The baby's heart rate will increase and he will get a little less oxygen, which may make him feel a bit dizzy.

The baby's skull consists of bony plates with two membrane gaps (fontanels) in between, which enable the head to narrow as it passes through the birth canal. Without fontanels, it would be impossible for the head to pass through your pelvis.

The birth of the head can cause a hot, stinging sensation of the perineum, the area between the vulva and the anus, but once the head has been born, the most difficult part of the delivery is over. After that, the baby's slippery little body will deliver very easily.

Congratulations! Your baby has arrived!

Not pregnant anymore and like to announce it on the site? I've had my baby!

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23 comments on this topic

olabisi (70.1 days ago)
Wao Waooooooooooo what a wonderful experience, my baby arrived safe and healthy last week Thursday. Congratulations to Us

Rocella (124.6 days ago)
40 weeks .. still no sign of himinginging

chinwe (269.4 days ago)
OMG! 2 days over due! #ComeBabyCome!!

Mommy~Kodah (431 days ago)

Mommy~Kodah (431 days ago)
Getting closer everyday... finally in the home stretch. :)

madiix (554.1 days ago)
3days over dueeeee :( .. I was two weeks with my 1st child I thought the second came quicker !!

sayoddy (706.5 days ago)
40weeks landmark! waiting for 5 more days to do something

rika82 (848.5 days ago)
@rika82 - “...„
Due date was today Oct 24th with no baby no labor not even a real contraction Dr is planning to induce me on Halloween so back to work I go

Jaylar3 (881 days ago)
Had my baby girl on Sept. 8, my birthday! Baby girl was 8lbs 7oz. It`s been a journey but I love her more and more everyday.

mamaboy1 (893.8 days ago)
I`m happy for you Sind , we had a very long joyful and tough journey, we thank God because we finally made it, enjoy and keep well with your beautiful baby girl

Sind (896.4 days ago)
Had baby girl on august 29!!!!!So blessed and happy tha both of us r fine and healthy... it is such a great Blessing im so in love wit her

laina89 (958.4 days ago)
Today is my due date and still no baby just waiting on her have addoctor appointment today also so hopefully I hear good news and she will be here with in a few days

CarolynB (1012.2 days ago)
Annnd my due date is here......Anytime little guy.....really...anytime would be great.....Mommy and daddy can`t wait to hold you!

erica jerkins (1223.2 days ago)
I am 40weeks and 5days still waiting is there any I can do to speed the process up.

pearla (1276.8 days ago)
I am 40 weeks 4days and still waiting for my 3rd baby.I am so tired.Any advice?????

ssss1 (1279.4 days ago)
40+1 today. Please come out now. Im so done with this pregnancy an i just want my baby in my arms..

vanhi (1284.5 days ago)
had my lil princess on the 4th of august

anam_asad (1294.6 days ago)
Got my little fairy on the 20th of July. 39 weeks. After 29 hours of my water broke.

lilly773 (1343.7 days ago)
40 weeks 1 day over due my babe is still isnt ready yet

alenishko (1400.7 days ago)
40 weeks today... and my sweet girl is still in...

Jaynee (1456.1 days ago)
Had my baby girl on the 18th!! She is sooo beautiful!! you so much Maddison Jayne Himenes

dontblink178 (1462.5 days ago)
40 weeks and 3 days now. As my son says, ` No like it!`

dontblink178 (1464.7 days ago)
GAHHHHH!!!!! I jinked myself! I knew I`d be the lone ranger in the 40 weeks part! :`( I had a membrane sweep yesterday, but it`s been over 24 hours and they said if I didn`t go into labor by then it didn`t work sooooo here we sit waiting...

Mel (1504.2 days ago)
It Is so hard to be patient at this point but looking on the bright side at least I may have time to pack up the Christmas tree and Decor now that I have finally taken leave from work.

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