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Getting pregnant
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Week 4 starts on day 28 and goes up to day 35.
It is your 5e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 1 millimeter / 0,04 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 gram / 0 ozs

At the beginning of this week you would normally start your period. If this does not occur it may be possible that you are pregnant. If a fertilised egg has now embedded itself in your uterus, the flood of hormones through your body will cause your menstruation to stop.

A pregnancy test around this time will be able to detect the hCG hormone, also known as the pregnancy hormone, in your urine. Every two days the amount of hCg doubles so if you produce a negative test one day it may be that the levels of hCG are too low to be detected and you should wait a few days then try again. Around weeks seven to twelve the levels of Hcg in your blood will reach their peak before they begin to lessen, increasing again towards the end of your pregnancy.

It may be that you do not require a test to be sure about your pregnancy. At this time you may begin to suffer from fatigue or nausea, especially in the morning. You may also notice a change in your breasts and feel the need to urinate more frequently.

The fertilised egg is now beginning to take shape and cotyledons begin to form. These cells provide the basic building materials for the organs of your baby. The embryo sits within a cavity filled with amniotic fluid, contained by a membrane known as the `amnion`. This in turn is enclosed by another membrane called the `chorion`. On the ouside of the chorion are adhesive cells which glue the egg to the uterus wall.

The outer layer of the embryo is covered in small groups of cells which will eventually become the placenta and umbilical cord. The placenta allows nutrients to pass through your blood and into the baby's blood stream with all waste being discharged back into your body for secretion.

The embryo is now changing its shape from a ball to an oval with the back wider than the front. In the middle is now a cleft containing the neural tube. It is here that the nervous system will be housed. On both sides sit small protrusions which within a few weeks, will take shape as the bones, ribs and muscles. Your body is now beginning to work harder to ensure the safety of your baby and the mucus plug protects it from outside dangers.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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monaliza (102.7 days ago)
@annadelara - “@monaliza you found ...„
So I really don`t know when I got we have sex a lot. Today begins my 12th week.I`m super excited.

annadelara (103.2 days ago)
@monaliza you found out two days after sex you were pregnant?

anamria (129.2 days ago)
@monaliza - “I found out I`m preg...„
Praying for you!!

monaliza (146.8 days ago)
I found out I`m pregnant 2 weeks ago. I`m a bit nervous. Have 2 miscarriages in the past two years. According to the chart I should be 4 weeks and 1 day. I`m 36 years old so I`m praying that I`m able to carry this one full term. Wishing baby dust and prayer for everyone!!

Ashkash (151.8 days ago)
Is anyone experiencing morning sickness? Magnesium oil rubbed on the bottom of your feet will take it away instantly!!! I am 8 weeks a long now and I am so grateful to know about this all natural cure. I haven`t had morning sickness this severe with my first three pregnancies. This has been a life saver!!!

michy123 (203.2 days ago)
I just found out i`m pregnant over the weekend with my 3rd child hoping all goes well this time

Kearrag (222.2 days ago)
I found out I`m pregnant yesterday super excited!! My son will finally have the sibling he`s longed for <3

Dancember1987 (227.3 days ago)
Just found out this morning that I`m pregnant with bambino #4!! Super super happy

Lyndsy lou (305.8 days ago)
@crystal84 - “Hi I`m new in here m...„
Hi Crystal84 have you taken a pregnancy test? I have my period on 3/10/17 if you`re pregnant your due around the same time as me!

crystal84 (313.4 days ago)
Hi I`m new in here me and my husband have been tlc for 4 years now due to its have pcos I got my menstrual on 3/11/17 I believe that I`ve had implantation spotting now I`m have symptoms of pregnancy this would be my 5th pregnancy but I`ve missedcarried 3 I have a son that is 14 years old baby dust please

Lyndsy lou (316.1 days ago)
Well so far so good. I know I posted around 136 days ago but unfortunately lost that baby due to belighted ovum. I`m now pregnant again now with my Rainbow baby! Fingers crossed that baby will be well this time and ill have a full term pregnancy!

LagunaLuv (387.6 days ago)
4 Weeks Pregnant with baby #4! After 2 years on Depo Provera Birth Control it took us 11 months to conceive. With an early miscarriage at 3 weeks 4 days on December 4, 2016. I am both surprised & a bit terrified, but I believe in the power of prayer & pray continually for a full term pregnancy & a happy healthy baby xoxo Baby Dust For You All xoxo

Loniapark (396.3 days ago)
@Pooh30 - “@Pooh30 - “Hey you...„
Thats my when my son was born

diaz atkins (397.9 days ago)
sep26 my due date :)

Lyndsy lou (452.6 days ago)
Congratulations ShaylasMom and Pooh30! We are all due at the same time! May you both have a very enjoyable pregnancy and enjoy every moment of your beautiful babies growth. Praying we all stay healthy and our baby too

Pooh30 (455.7 days ago)
@Pooh30 - “Hey you guys I was a...„
My due date july 28th

Pooh30 (455.7 days ago)
Hey you guys I was at the doctor and they said my hcg level was at 150 is that about accurate at the 4weeks like I`m scared does anyone know

ShaylasMom (458.9 days ago)
@Lyndsy lou - “Yay 4 weeks today wi...„
Lyndsy lou, prayers are going up for you, we too have been trying for a very long time. We had an ectopic back in January of this year that led to me losing my right tube and this is the first pregnancy since. Our due date is also July 27 2016 :)

Lyndsy lou (459.4 days ago)
Yay 4 weeks today with baby #2! For anyone who has had Nexplanon implant I had it for 2 years and 5 months of trying. My due date is July 27.

Lyndsy lou (516.3 days ago)
Really could use some prayers and baby dust. My husband and I have been trying for baby #2 for months with no luck. I really want my children close in age like my brother and I were.

Lisa_89 (553.5 days ago)
anyone else feel like everything smells gross?

bhope (556.7 days ago)
I just found out yesterday by taking tests I`m over 3 weeks pregnant!!!!!! I`m so excited but at the same time just want to be in bed and not at work!lol

rachel89 (560.3 days ago)
Jessi H who are you to judge anyone by the number of kids they have? Could it be that you`re not responsible enough to raise more than 3? That doesn`t mean all of us are! I have 3 girls they`re 6, 4, and 3 months and I`m 4.3 weeks pregnant with number 4. I work my ass off over 50 hours a week and I`m in medical school to be a surgeon and I STILL make time for all of that AND my family. So I don`t know why you feel that your opinion matters but it clearly doesn`t. Worry about yourself and your own family and leave everyone else`s alone!

MaliCarro (579.8 days ago)
Thank you for the article! I`m 4 weeks pregnant and sooo excited!

lornamc (585.5 days ago)
@kschultz - “So annoying I cant e...„
Enter you`re last period and it will calculate xx

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