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Week 39 starts on day 273 and goes up to day 280.
It is your 40e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 49 centimeter / 19.3 inches
Weight of your baby: 3300 gram / 7 lbs 4 ozs

Your baby is almost due. Not long now before he decides to enter the world. The baby has less and less space. Now if he moves, you can often feel it in several places at once. The baby has engaged and is presenting on the cervix and could decide to be born any moment now.

You are probably more irritable, tired and forgetful than usual. That's perfectly normal. After all, you're waiting for the baby to finally arrive and you're as ready as you can be. Many women prefer not to stray too far from home in the last weeks of their pregnancy. Even a little shopping can prove too tiring. It might sound a bit cliché but try to get some rest, while you still can. Giving birth uses up a lot of energy and you probably won't be able to rest much afterwards.

Try not to worry about the birth. Anybody can give birth. Besides which, it will usually not be as you imagined anyway. That is why it's best to adopt as 'neutral' an approach as possible. Try to relax as much as you can. That will help labour progress smoothly and you'll be able to cope with the contractions and deal with the pain.

The baby is already producing his first stools, called 'meconium'. It is black and sticky like tar.

If you pass any amniotic fluid that is green-stained as opposed to clear, notify your midwife or obstetrician immediately. You will have to go to hospital straight away to have your baby as quickly as possible. If the baby swallows any meconium-stained amniotic fluid, this could cause fetal distress (lack of oxygen).

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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optimist (28 days ago)

Queen83 (171 days ago)
I was warded because at clinin dr realised that I was 3cm...That was 3 days ago I was 38/4dys!!! They mentioned that I`m in early labour...I had a membrane sweep done yesterday,started getting pain but not as hot as it suppose to be (but painful)Today I am 39wks,Am I gonna have my baby anytime soon??? Honestly my patience is running thin....My EDD is 9/9/17

RWILSON23 (265.1 days ago)
Have my baby on june 5 2017 in im excited schedule c section

chinwe (278.4 days ago)
Come, baby, come!! 7 days is too long!

ShellyBelly (363.2 days ago)
8 days left

Mommy~Kodah (431.1 days ago)
I am getting closer and closer everyday. I am so excited... C you soon, my boy... I love u and I pray that u r born healthy and happy... :)

Shaquiller25 (432.4 days ago)
Im due on the 19th of dis month im so excided cant wait to welcome my baby girl to dis world thank god for blessing me with both of my girls wouldnt trade them in for nun in dis world yes 4 more days to go

MrsWoke (525.1 days ago)

DeeNice (538.4 days ago)
Home stretch!! 2 days to

Amandah (552.9 days ago)
7 more days!!!!!!!

madiix (559 days ago)
Two days left !!!!!

sayoddy (712.9 days ago)
39 weeks according to lmp but scan dates me differently. 3/20, 3/15, 3/10 and 2/26 respectively. Only the last has passed and the plus 2weeks will end on friday. I don`t know which one to follow. My lmp is June 13 2015. All I pray is safe delivery

randesha (756.6 days ago)
Still no baby

Brooklynn1976 (775.2 days ago)
I have five days to go i want this over with already how do I start labor some body plz help me I am dilated one centimeter an my back and legs hurt so bad plz help me

Brooklynn1976 (776.2 days ago)
I am 39 weeks an 1 day today and I am only 1 centimeter dilated and my cervix are still thicken how do I start labor at this stage.

H011yhart (799.7 days ago)
Due date is here. Almost over. I think she is going to stay a little longer.Im okay with it as long as she is okay.Though I know shes getting cramped,she is still moving.

tresa (844.5 days ago)
Its after due date, No baby

jaszmine_million (850.4 days ago)
Due date is tomorrow

tresa (852 days ago)
Final week ready to meet our princess

quita1021 (859.2 days ago)
@jazyjp - “im 39 weeks on frida...„
Funny my sis is having a c section on my due date as well. Oct 27

Jaylar3 (878.1 days ago)
Hello ladies, I had my baby girl on Sept 8 which is also my birthday. I`ve been enjoying every moment. Labor was very painful but I would do it all again. I love this little lady.

shantaS (880.5 days ago)
28 I`m due!!!!
Lord give me the strength!!?
I`m so ready to meet my lil joy my queen

shantaS (884.1 days ago)
28 I`m due!!!!
Lord give me the strength!!?
I`m so ready to meet my lil joy my queen

esthermarie (884.1 days ago)
I`m so Anxious!!! Due date is 9/23 all its been iis contractions for weeks but no baby ....

amps (887 days ago)
Come on people tell us if you have had your baby...

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Which pregnancy week am I?

Use the pregnancy calculator to show the most important dates of your pregnancy.

Due date Last period Ovulation

More accurate due date

A different method of calculating your due date,using the Mittendorf-Williams method, can be found at `Alternative due date`