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Week 37 starts on day 259 and goes up to day 266.
It is your 38e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 46.5 centimeter / 18.3 inches
Weight of your baby: 3100 gram / 6 lbs 13 ozs

Many women see 37 weeks as a milestone.

You could (and may) give birth any day now, but you may just as easily have to wait another 5 weeks (at most) for your baby to be born! Most women give birth after their due date.

The first contractions feel like mild cramps or stitches. If the contractions start lasting longer, occurring more frequently and gradually become more painful, then it won't be much longer now before you can hold your baby.

Labour can start in various ways. Sometimes it can start with your waters breaking, but that is not necessarily the case. Labour often starts with frequent Braxton Hicks contractions followed by stronger labour contractions.


You may have a show. This is when the mucus plug which has sealed the cervix and protected the womb against infection throughout your pregnancy, is released, possibly together with a streak of blood.

Many women have a show a few days or weeks before labour starts. The mucus plug could come away in one clump, which you might notice in your underwear or the toilet. You could also lose a little stringy clear discharge at a time, possibly with streaks of blood, over a period of several weeks.

There is no need to call the midwife. Of course, you could mention it at your next antenatal appointment.

By no means has everyone had a show first. In fact, plenty of women never even find a trace of it.

If you do lose the mucus plug, this is still no indication of how soon labour will start. It could even take weeks.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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optimist (47.8 days ago)
gracious GOD!!! my lil angel ll soon arrive to c mom dad n relatives. its been GOD all d way

Amanda Smith (85.5 days ago)
@Lyndsy lou - “I`m so very excited ...„
Good luck hun x 2 weeks and it`ll be my last day of being pregnant I`m going on on the 14th to be started off if he doesn`t come before hand

Lyndsy lou (89.1 days ago)
I`m so very excited to meet my rainbow baby boy! Hopefully not to much longer!

chinwe (290.1 days ago)
Baby number 2 has refused to budge! Lol. I`ll wait patiently for you, pumpkin! Come, baby, come!

Kennyetts26 (486.1 days ago)
19 more days and it feels like forever.....

matau (486.2 days ago)
Nights are worse...i can`t sleep. My right arm is forever numb even when I try not to sleep on it. #18daysmustfall

Chescat90 (494.5 days ago)
13 days until we meet our next little angel <3

hold on in there Luna...mommy has a date for you lol

Katies4thBaby (539.8 days ago)
Yay I`m 37 weeks tomorrow, 2 more weeks till I welcome my son, so excited wish he would come now

AChavers27 (551.2 days ago)
August 29th, I`m so ready to meet my baby girl

Amandah (554.8 days ago)
6 more days ;)

Amandah (555.7 days ago)
@AlllyNiniAmJay - “I`m due August 28 bu...„
we are soooooooo close

Amandah (563.4 days ago)
I`m due sept 3 but have a scheduled c section for the 23rd we are soooooooo close I have one girl 15 and one boy 6 this will be a girl!!!! Pray these two weeks speed by I`m ready.

AlllyNiniAmJay (564.1 days ago)
I`m due August 28 but schedule to go in for my csection on the 22 I`m so excited/nervous.every birth is different. I already have three girls and this will make my first boy

momtobeoftwo (619.9 days ago)
16 more days and. Would finally meet and hold my baby boy

heidi05 (627.8 days ago)
I have 4 days until my bundle of joy takes the world with his eyes. I can`t wait to see him, hold him and kiss those chubby cheeks of his.

misty878 (661.4 days ago)
I got 19 more days to go till I have my little bundle of joy

Chioma jesus (712 days ago)
37 weeks, 21 days to go, cant wait to meet my angel.

dabba13 (715.6 days ago)
24 days to go!!! Yay baby Aysia will be here!!

Kvhillj (726.7 days ago)
20 more days left

Kiki British (728.4 days ago)
I can`t wait to see who Dominique looks like but I have 17 days to go before my due date:

Kiki British (729 days ago)
Only 18 days to go. I can`t wait to see my baby girl.

sayoddy (729.8 days ago)
This is a milestone for me. Waiting for my son to arrive and here`s...

A Note To My Son

Time is moving slowly,
The day is almost here.
The anxiety and joy is building up,
For my baby boy will soon appear.
I can`t wait to see your smiling face,
And hold your little hand.
Just then I`ll know deep inside
that you`re my little man.
I have so much to share with you
day after day.
And to you my son I will give my love
in each and every way.

BabyMomma53 (747.6 days ago)
Finally 37 Weeks Today Waiting On My BabyGirl Arrival?

millieapedo (751 days ago)
Can`t believe am in labor.its my first time so the pain is absolutely crazy... Been in pain for 10 hours now.

Peion22 (757.6 days ago)
37 weeks today and so ready for him to come list my mucus today and have been having light back pain no contractions in awhile though it`s like everything just stopped at 34 weeks and I`m just waiting for something anything to happen to show signs of progressing towards bringing baby into the world but nothing really is happening sigh

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