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Week 36 starts on day 252 and goes up to day 259.
It is your 37e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 45 centimeter / 17.7 inches
Weight of your baby: 2900 gram / 6 lbs 6 ozs

The baby is nearly ready to come into this world and will probably have engaged in your pelvic cavity by now. It looks as if your bump is 'hanging' very low. Your baby can't change positions once he has engaged, He has less and less space to move in, and so you will feel less activity.

No airline will accept you as a passenger now. Logically enough, because the chance of your giving birth in flight is very real, and that is not something you'd be looking forward to either.

Overnight bag

Pack a case or overnight bag and keep it ready to take to hospital, even if you are planning to give birth at home. Then, if you do unexpectedly have to go to hospital, at least you'll have everything ready. You never know quite how the birth will go, after all. Pack what you'll need for yourself and the baby for one night in hospital. Then at least you'll have enough with you. This should include:

For you:
  • T-shirt or nightie to wear during labour
  • PJs or nightie to wear after the birth if they keep you in overnight
  • Socks (many women feel cold after the birth)
  • Plenty of underwear (pants maternity pads will fit in)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, elastic bands for your hair, shampoo, soap etc.)
  • Sandals and/or slippers
  • Dressing gown (optional)
  • Clean clothes to go home in

For the baby:
  • At least 2 body suits and sleep suits or all-in-one suits
  • Hat
  • Socks (if the all-in-one suit doesn't have enclosed toes)
  • Cardigan/coat
  • Maxi-Cosi

Don't forget:
  • ID papers (if applicable)
  • Insurance card/papers
  • Appointment card
  • Mobile telephone and charger
  • Camera (Full battery and enough memory for lots of photos)
  • Video camera, if you have one

Some, but not all hospitals provide maternity pads, breast pads, nappies, bottles and formula. Check with your hospital in advance and if they are not provided, or if you are not sure, pack your own.

It's a good idea to have some nursing bras and loose fitting and/or front opening tops with you if you're planning to breastfeed.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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optimist (53.8 days ago)
cant wait to meet my sunshine 36 wks already.
tnx 2 GOD

Lyndsy lou (97.2 days ago)
3-4 weeks hopefully until I meet my little rainbow! My daughter is so overly excited to meet her baby brother and we can`t wait to meet him too!

Amanda Smith (98.4 days ago)
That`s it my last 4 weeks of being pregnant cunt wait to meet my little rainbow baby boy

Mayraloaiza (227.1 days ago)
@madeintexas806 - “I delivered. 36 and ...„
Did he stayed in the NICU

RWILSON23 (287.1 days ago)
Im excited to meet my son 3 weeks to go but thats because im having another c-section hopefully

CassieNicole (290.5 days ago)
Finally down 4wweeks

ShellyBelly (387.3 days ago)
I`m so over being pregnant!! inging

madeintexas806 (415.5 days ago)
I delivered. 36 and 4. She weighed 5.5.

buster469 (563.6 days ago)
Can`t wait for my munchkin to be here! 36.1 today! Not too much longer! Yeah!

Amandah (573.3 days ago)
Ok I`m so ready for this child to come I can`t wait to j old her precious little self only 20 more days

Jessieg (610 days ago)
Feeling so conflicted.... This will be my last pregnancy so I`m not ready for this chapter in my life to be over but I`m so ready to hold my little girl in my arms! 22 more days and she`ll be here!

KaidenBarnes16 (623.1 days ago)
I`m so`s almost time. I can`t wait to meet my little Prince Kaiden

GiannaC (625.9 days ago)
I`m so excited to meet my son! Due July 4th

momtobeoftwo (631.8 days ago)
36 weeks finally can`t wait to get this all over with. I will finally I mean finally be holding my baby boy in my arms. This pregnancy seems like it took forever for me to be half way through with it I can`t wait to be. I can`t wait another day to meet my baby. Counting down the days 28 more to go

Rhijarvie (639.5 days ago)
@dabba13 - “Yay 36 weeks god is ...„

Xaina (642.8 days ago)
Its 37 weeks....only few days are left......???? Exited to see him/her.....

Annie97 (680.6 days ago)
@sayoddy - “Thank God for seeing...„

Annie97 (680.6 days ago)
I`m so Blessed. God has his hands on us

IslaClark (712.3 days ago)
The pressure on my pelvic area is crazy, but not long only 26 days and counting.

dabba13 (717.9 days ago)
Yay 36 weeks god is so good. This baby here is a worrior. We have been thru it but god has been right with us! Amen

sayoddy (736.6 days ago)
Thank God for seeing me through the end of 8th month. I`ve put my hospital bag in the hospital and will only buy what I need at home. God pls provide for our needs and never put us to shame

millieapedo (753.3 days ago)
Am 36 weeks 6days and am feeling soo uneasy, but at the same time extremely happy to see my first baby..

NiyaLuv (757.6 days ago)
Has anyone had their baby in the 36th week?

Peion22 (764.8 days ago)
36 weeks exactly and I`m so ready to meet this baby, I`m feeling all those last minute feelings excitement, anxiety, irritability just everything....please body start practicing and getting ready to have this baby

Tinaxmarie (772.1 days ago)
I`m set to be induced (due to high bp) this weekend. I`ll post the actual weight!! :)

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