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Week 35 starts on day 245 and goes up to day 252.
It is your 36e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 43.5 centimeter / 17.1 inches
Weight of your baby: 2500 gram / 5 lbs 8 ozs

The baby is now fully developed. The only thing still developing is his brain. This huge development will continue until long after birth.

Your baby has hiccups more and more often and now that has so little room to move, you'll notice feel more distinctly.

If your baby has not engaged yet, your uterus will have reached its highest point. This rather squashes your lungs and you could feel quite breathless. In fact, your lung capacity could be as much as 25% less than usual.

Your bladder is also decidedly cramped for space, meaning you will have to wee more frequently. Urinary loss is normal during pregnancy, especially during the last weeks. The sphincter closing your bladder is not as effective as usual, but this is only temporary. This will right itself again once you've given birth.

If you are in any doubt as to whether the leaked fluid is urine or amniotic fluid, have a closer look at the colour and smell. Amniotic fluid is clear and smells sweet. Many women confuse the thinner vaginal discharge towards the end of pregnancy with amniotic fluid but vaginal discharge is white.

If your waters break once the baby has engaged, there is no need to call the midwife out straight away. It is a good idea to notify them though. Take a good look at the colour! If the amniotic fluid is not clear, but brown or green for example, then you should alert the midwife immediately. This indicates that the baby has pooed in the amniotic fluid, which can be dangerous!

If the baby has not yet engaged and your waters break, call the midwife straight away. Lie down as quickly as possible as it can be dangerous if the baby engages after the waters have broken. The umbilical cord could get caught round the baby's neck.

Hard belly

You may frequently feel your bump go hard. Your body is preparing for labour. Your uterus is contracting and that makes your bump go hard. Sometimes this can go on almost all day, but there can be days that it doesn't happen at all.

A hard bump can also be caused by your doing too much. In that case, take it as a sign to do less and rest more.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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optimist (54.2 days ago)
hmmmmmm!!!!!!! cant wait to meet my diamond baby
good GOD 28 days 2go

Lyndsy lou (101.8 days ago)
About 4 weeks left Dr said he would induce me at 39 weeks if baby boy isn`t here by then! I can`t wait to meet my baby boy! Weekly appointment from now on!

twana13 (511.9 days ago)
35 weeks today yess come on daughter ??

buster469 (563.9 days ago)
36 weeks on Saturday! So excited! So close to meeting my baby!

Valentine (574.8 days ago)
Two days away from being 36 weeks pregnant! It has been so hard for me. He has a hole in his heart and will need surgery when he is around four months old. Almost went to the hospital twice for false labor. Driving me crazy because I get so excited thinking he`s on his way. Longer time in the tummy means a healthier heart in the long run though. I`m naming him Valentine ;)

bbjenn (579.3 days ago)
@bbjenn - “I`m 35 weeks this Th...„

bbjenn (579.3 days ago)
I`m 35 weeks this Thursday and this is my 5th child I`m so done. I`m getting excited I`m having contractions. Not consistent but they are there and not fun can`t wait to see my baby girl....

MrsLatoya (659.7 days ago)
35weeks &1day twins 2girls, I can`t wait to meet my girls

JessieH (679.2 days ago)
35 weeks hooray! My `practice contractions` are pretty painful. Any day now.

Annie97 (687.5 days ago)
I can`t wait to meet her

Harmony21 (732.8 days ago)
35 weeks & 3 days pregnant with my fraternal twin boys ???? My body is still normal size the only thing growing is my bump

Momma Simpson (738.4 days ago)
35 weeks and 3 days.... Im so ready to meet my little guy. right now my hip hurts so bad i feel like it is broken. anyone else have this issue?

sayoddy (740.8 days ago)
Few weeks to go. We need to put all in place at this short time

leadionnee (751.8 days ago)
@NiyaLuv - “@leadionnee - “35 ...„
Yes ma`am she came when I was 39 weeks and 1 day. And don`t worry if your baby hasn`t moved down yet. You`ve still got some weeks to go. My daughter didn`t move down until 18 hours before she came. ND you`ll dilate when you`re in labor. Don`t stress yourself

NiyaLuv (757.7 days ago)
@leadionnee - “35 weeks and 3 days ...„
Have you had baby yet? If so congratulations!!!

NiyaLuv (757.7 days ago)
Doctor checked me and told me baby was still sitting high and I wasn`t dilated! Any advice?

Danimommyof3 (759.9 days ago)
35 weeks and 2 days, baby number 3 and third c section, im super excited to meet her shes my little rainbow, so ready for this pregnancy to be over

Peion22 (766.5 days ago)
35 wks 1 day bh for 41/2 hours now, I`m so impatient and excited to have this little guy due February 17 so close but do far hoping for the days to go by quickly

leadionnee (785.6 days ago)
35 weeks and 3 days I really can`t believe it. I cant wait to meet my boo butt

mama jess88 (796.6 days ago)
35 weeks tomorrow (December16)

Karikana_mimi (796.6 days ago)
35 Weeks and 1 day. Can`t wait to hold my little King!

Millerbaby2016 (810.1 days ago)
35 weeks
And 1 day!!! Can`t wait to meet my son !!!!

Jlbrictp (824.7 days ago)
35 weeks and 3 days I`m ready to have this baby!

laculichy (829.8 days ago)
35 weeks today i feel so tired and with so much difficulty breathing .. Im so ready for my baby

Chenise8626 (830.9 days ago)
35 weeks yea!

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