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Week 34 starts on day 238 and goes up to day 245.
It is your 35e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 42.5 centimeter / 16.7 inches
Weight of your baby: 2250 gram / 4 lbs 15 ozs

Everything is functioning well enough. The kidneys are fully developed and can function on their own and the lungs are nearly matured too. Viability outside the womb is very high. As many as 99% of babies born in this week of pregnancy would be able to survive outside the womb with relatively few problems. Depending on the birth weight, among other things, the baby may first need to be nursed in an incubator.

The baby can easily distinguish between light and dark, as his eyes already work perfectly.

Cramp and varicose veins

Something else pregnant women often suffer from is cramp in their calves. The best thing to do if this happens, is to stretch your leg and flex your toes (point them towards you). This will hurt at first, but will usually stop the cramp almost immediately.

The hormone progesterone relaxes the walls of your blood vessels resulting in varicose veins, another common problem during pregnancy. Not everyone will get them but if you ever had them before you were pregnant, you stand a good chance of getting them again now. Avoid wearing high heels and try to rest your legs regularly by raising them above hip level.


You may feel a little pain or discomfort as the fetus baby starts to drop and engage in your pelvic cavity. This is called lightening and may cause a hard bump or contraction pains in your lower abdomen. A first child need not be engaged until 37 weeks and a subsequent baby might engage much later, perhaps not until the actual delivery! This is because everything has already been stretched before, so he'll have a little more space.

As your baby continues to grow he will have less and less room to move. It is quite normal for you to feel less activity now than a few weeks ago when he could kick quite hard. Now you will mostly feel a hand or a foot slide across.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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Queen83 (206.6 days ago)
I`m so much pain on the top of my vagina and it`s so uncomfortable...Every turn I make on the bed it`s like a firey feeling there...That suppose to be normal I guess??

aima (210 days ago)
nervous + excited to see my 2nd cute pie

Abigurl (392.4 days ago)
34 and 2 days...thank you Jesus!

Lilparty (396.1 days ago)

Lilparty (396.1 days ago)
34 and 4! So excited!

ShellyBelly (398.5 days ago)
34 weeks and 2 days!!! I`m so ready!!

Martinique (473.9 days ago)
@Martinique - “I am almost there I ...„
can`t wait to see my little girl the is my 5 baby and my last know more I mean it this time

Martinique (473.9 days ago)
I am almost there I am so happy I am 34 and4days ya

DeeNice (576.5 days ago)
34 weeks... Home stretch, can`t wait till my little man is here.

Amandah (580.7 days ago)
4 more weeks till my scheduled c section I`m so ready to do this....yeah!!! This summer is a hot one but at least it`s almost over phew. Ready to hold my baby girl.

delyssadaley (686.3 days ago)
Six more weeks to go and i cant wait!!!!

JessieH (691.3 days ago)
@lizhawkins2015 - “This is my ten baby ...„
Hope you had a healthy baby and safe labor- followed by a hysterectomy!

dabba13 (731.9 days ago)
Yes lord 5 more weeks to go!!

sayoddy (750.7 days ago)
6more weeks to go. I`m having this false labour

jamieryan01 (772 days ago)
Almost there yayyyyyyy God is great

sherika31 (781.7 days ago)
34 weeks and 3days im almost there yayyyy...;))

supersteff (783.9 days ago)
34 weeks and 3 days I can`t wait to have my son lil mikie

Hermione_boo (793.9 days ago)
34 weeks down, less then 4 to my c-section!!! Squeeeeeee

rosalie_jones (800.6 days ago)
34 weeks down and 3 more to go to meet my twins

rosalie_jones (800.6 days ago)
Can`t wait to meet my twin boy & girl .. time is quickly approaching. I`m super excited

mama jess88 (802.4 days ago)
32 days til I have my c- section and meet my second angel!!!

laurita93 (855.1 days ago)
offically 34 weeks 6 more weeks left

lizhawkins2015 (877.8 days ago)
This is my ten baby and my second girl of ten.i have had 8 boys. So i can`t wait to hold my baby girl hazel for the first time.

pregnant with my second (897.4 days ago)
I am 34 weeks today cant wait to meet my son

Inooraq (921.4 days ago)
34+1... Constant heartburn... But I can`t wait to meet our baby boy

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