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Getting pregnant
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Week 33 starts on day 231 and goes up to day 238.
It is your 34e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 41 centimeter / 16.2 inches
Weight of your baby: 2000 gram / 4 lbs 6 ozs

The baby is already quite strong. He moves some 500 times a day, which can sometimes really hurt. Some women even end up with bruises and sore ribs from all that kicking.

Your baby is going through another growth spurt in terms of weight, putting on an average of around 230 grams a week. In terms of length he will only grow another few centimetres.

If your baby were to be born now, there would be no major consequences. Although it would have to be a hospital delivery.

Try to avoid stress. It is important that you get enough rest; both physical and mental. Stress can cause constriction of the arteries which, in turn, can have a negative impact on the function of the placenta.

Pregnancy dementia

Consciously or otherwise, you and your body are preparing for the arrival of your baby. This can cause you to forget other things: Pregnancy dementia or Pregnancy brain. When people are talking to you, things sometimes go straight past you. Your thoughts are elsewhere. Or you frequently go shopping and then come home to find you've forgotten half of what you went for. Despite research proving that pregnant women are no less smart than women who are not pregnant, many mums-to-be do seem to 'suffer' from forgetfulness!

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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optimist (73 days ago)
wow am 33 weeks already. tnx to GOD cant wait to meet my pumpkin, my rainbow baby, my star boy

Lyndsy lou (111.2 days ago)
33 weeks and 5 days with my Rainbow baby boy! Getting so excited to hold him!

Lyndsy lou (113.2 days ago)
33 weeks and 5 days with my Rainbow baby boy! Getting so excited to hold him!

Shaquiller25 (482 days ago)
Im 33 weeks & 4 days today cant wait to meet my 2nd beautiful babygirl im very excited due december 12 2016!!!??

Malaysiah16 (490.2 days ago)
Thank you to our Lord savior 4 more weeks to go. Thank you my almighty

Mommaof2boys (520.4 days ago)
33 weeks and 1 days pregnant cant wait to meet my precious babyboy

babiluv3 (523.8 days ago)
45 more days and I couldn`t be more anxious and excited to meet and welcome my 3rd baby girl. Momma is ready physically and mentally but I know she`s got a little more time. Thank you Jesus for such a beautiful blessing, yet again! ?

MadelynDA2016 (532.6 days ago)
Just about 7 more weeks ...due November 3rd and can`t wait to hold out handsome little man!!

Amandah (582.4 days ago)
5 weeks to go.... 3rd child and this is flying she will be in my arms soon: )

nez (630.1 days ago)
@minni cake 2016 - “Hello mom`s to be to...„
I feel the same way! So ready but so not ready to go through birth!

nez (630.1 days ago)
First pregnancy and oml, im beyond scared. sometimes i wish he just be here already other times, i think this must be the easiest part! no diaper changing yet!

Jessieg (633.8 days ago)
6 more weeks till c-section but dr. Checked me yesterday and said I was 98% effaced and 1 centimeter dilated! Yikes! I`m nervous but he`s not. Dr. Said it`s no biggie if she wants to come earlier than planned at this point. Then again some can stay dilated with no change for months. Guess we`ll see! Either way ultrasound estimated her to be around 5lbs and fully developed!yay

megan_mayse (665.3 days ago)
7 more weeks i can not wait

Amanda6 (695.2 days ago)
7 weeks to go and my little guy will be here.. My husband and I are very excited

Lina141 (699.9 days ago)
48 more days til I meet my beautiful princess girl would be my third little girl. In God I trust and pray my baby goes back in position with her head down ;-)

valchuks (707.6 days ago)
45 days to go. To God be d glory.

minni cake 2016 (745.6 days ago)
Hello mom`s to be to I`m 33 weeks pregnant and I`m so ready to meet my lil minni cake!!I`m so scared but excited at the same time cause this my first baby

sayoddy (757.4 days ago)
49 days to go. I hope my baby is not too big. Anxious to have scan done

kelly0520 (764.7 days ago)
7 weeks to go

babytbun (781.2 days ago)
33 weeks am getting there. Thanks be to Jesus

mama jess88 (812.4 days ago)
33 weeks today!!! 42 more days til I meet my 2nd daughter

Millerbaby2016 (827.9 days ago)
33 weeks today!! 49 days to go!!! Can`t wait to meet my little man!!!

mcaldwell888 (845.5 days ago)
49 days left. I cannot wait to meet my Sonshine.

Chenise8626 (846.8 days ago)
33 Weeks and 1 day! yea!!! 48 days to go!

h011yhart (852.6 days ago)
49 days and counting until I get to meet my beautiful little Kaydance.

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