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Week 32 starts on day 224 and goes up to day 231.
It is your 33e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 40 centimeter / 15.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 1800 gram / 3 lbs 15 ozs

This week the air sacs in the baby's lungs will release a moist fatty substance called surfactant. It helps keep the air sacs inflated and prevents the lungs from collapsing when the baby starts to breathe after birth.

By now, almost all of the soft down that first covered the baby's skin will have disappeared.

Your baby could well have a whole head of hair already, but that is certainly not always the case. Neither does this offer any guarantee as to what his hair will look like in the future. Nevertheless, children born with very fine hair often also have thinner hair later in life.

Your uterus has now expanded so much that the top reaches halfway up your breastbone. You are probably feeling more and more tired.

And you could well be retaining water. You can tell by looking at your feet and ankles. Make sure you get enough rest. Have a cold foot bath and put your feet up, literally. Lie down with your feet up high against the wall, or sit with your legs well supported and your feet higher than your hips. If none of this helps then talk to your midwife or obstetrician, who will check your blood pressure.

Your check-ups will be once a fortnight from now on.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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traceyp026 (207.8 days ago)
32 weeks today. Still sick all day every day. You`d think having hyperemesis weeks 6-14 would have been enough. NOw I`m graced with morning sickness until forever. Back aches. Fatigued. Dizzy spells. But all worth it in the end I`m ready to have baby in my arms now. The last 8 weeks are always the hardest

HmwF~8409 (326.4 days ago)
I`m 32 weeks & I can`t wait till our newest addition our baby girl ?EMCF? is finally here! Your big bubbas that are 12 & 5 years old cant wait either !
Me and daddy are so nervous bc ur a girl but we love u so much n can`t wait till ur home with us!! Our little family is gonna be complete now!
I`ve had so many problems the time n been on bed rest my whole pregnancy & I`ve just praying everything is okay with you n u come out happy n healthy my baby gurl.
Thank u God for this amazing blessing, and plz Bless this sweet little baby girl in my belly....~?~

ShellyBelly (411.3 days ago)
32 weeks today! I`m excited and ready for her!! It`s almost go time. This has been a loooooooooong pregnancy

Amandah (590.2 days ago)
32 and a half just bout 5 weeks to go till scheduled c section come on baby girl!!! So ready and excited

pashion (636.3 days ago)
I`m 32 weeks and 4 days can`t wait to see my bundle of joy

toninsj (668.9 days ago)
Half way through week 32!! Getting anxious for this guy to be in my arms. Been having contractions off and on for over a month or more. This is my fourth, so I`m not too worried about that. Then there is the excessive swelling in my feet, ankles (and today) my legs! I NEVER had it this bad with my other pregnancies! Just keeping my feet up, literally as much as I can stand to! While I enjoy my pregnancy(s), I`m ready for this one to be here NOW!! Good Luck to all of you that are expecting as well!

Nicoleleslie1996 (703.2 days ago)
So excited to meet my gorgeous 2nd little baby

JessieH (704.9 days ago)
7 weeks to go!!! The universe is a wondrous place.

dabba13 (746.8 days ago)
7 more weeks to go

sayoddy (764.3 days ago)
Beginning of 8months. 8 more weeks to do

my3heartbeats (780.2 days ago)
7 weeks or less before the last chapter of my birthing chronicles is complete! Can`t wait to hold him and kiss his lil face and feet.

iekika (780.7 days ago)
Scary - Exciting !
My first baby, a boy !!

mama jess88 (819.4 days ago)
32 weeks today 49 more days til my c.section so I can hold my vayah bayah

Millerbaby2016 (834.8 days ago)
32 weeks today!! So excited to meet my baby John !!!

teress (852 days ago)
32 weeks & 5 days can`t wait till Amina Nicole get here 7 wks to go

mcaldwell888 (852.1 days ago)
32 weeks today. Let`s go December 18th! !

Chenise8626 (854.8 days ago)
I am excited!

DDubus90 (857.8 days ago)
32 weeks and 2 days...... I never knew that I could be this happy even with this level of heartburn We can`t wait to meet you Kyler!

laurita93 (865 days ago)
32weeks & 4days

tbroata (871.9 days ago)
32 weeks pregnant and 8 more to go, even though I`m not sleeping on any type of normal schedule. I still have plenty of energy it has to be the pure joy of knowing that I am, so close to our delivery date. This is my first boy and I`ve waited a long time for this blessing...

tresa (902.8 days ago)
32n5days today cant wait to c our bundle of joy in 51days bt mine normally arrive late.Tho I cany say the same with this one am expriencing a lot of pelvic pain and my lower half is giving me hell mayb its a sign that sh wl arrive early.

patihdz (942.8 days ago)
32 weekes and 3 days...went to the doctor yesterday and my baby weighs 4lbs and 5oz...can`t wait to meet you mija

Kgopotsebo (957 days ago)
32 weeks and 1 day can`t wait to meet my little man.

sind (961.1 days ago)
32 weeks and the days r gettin closer for my baby girl to b in my arms. Only pain ive been gettin is in my hands but more on my right hand. Feelin scared and nervous about the pain but ill b callin my doctor tomorrow.

mamaboy (966.6 days ago)
Exactly 32 weeks today, I thank God he brought us this far and he is still gonna be with us till we meet my boy and afterwards

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