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Week 31 starts on day 217 and goes up to day 224.
It is your 32e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 39 centimeter / 15.4 inches
Weight of your baby: 1500 gram / 3 lbs 5 ozs

The baby is not as active as he used to be because the space around him is decreasing. You will often feel the odd kick or punch. Keep a check on your baby's movements. If you suddenly notice much less movement than before, contact your midwife or obstetrician immediately. They can check that your baby is doing all right.

If he hasn't already done so, your baby will assume its final position around now. Although, until it has engaged, he could still change positions.

You will find breathing easier again once your baby has engaged, because he will be lower down in your pelvis.

The best position for birth is the head-down position. This means that his head is pointing down and will come out first. Approx. 90% of all babies are born in this position.

The other 4% are breech births. There are various kinds of breech position. A baby in transverse position will always have to be delivered by caesarean section. If the baby is in complete or incomplete breech position, you will need to discuss the best option with your obstetrician.

The placenta has reached its maximum size and now weighs around 500 grams.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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Amanda Smith (124.7 days ago)
@Lyndsy lou - “31 weeks and 3 days ...„
Hey lyndsy Lou hope it doing ok how quick has these few months gone by I remember messaging you in our early days now we`re on the home straight

Amanda Smith (124.7 days ago)
@Lyndsy lou - “31 weeks and 3 days ...„
Hey lyndsy Lou hope it doing ok how quick has these few months gone by I remember messaging you in our early days now we`re on the home straight

Lyndsy lou (127.3 days ago)
31 weeks and 3 days with my Rainbow baby boy!!! Less than a week until my baby shower!

mommysky (378.2 days ago)
31weeks today.can`t wait to meet my little first boy after 3 beautiful girls.yepeee

claire_w (484.3 days ago)
31 weeks today!! can not wait to meet my Christmas baby girl!! Due....25th December!

Borngreat (487.3 days ago)
To God be the glory that we have made it this far. Can`t wait to hold baby Jayden-Liam in my arms. Baby boy number 2. Daddy is soooooo eager to kiss you little cupcake.

Malaysiah16 (504.5 days ago)
To God be the glory.Thank you Lord for helping me get this far #Very grateful#Thankful# Couldn`t done it without you.

Hazelwings28 (549.7 days ago)
Hello lady I`m new to this site I`m 31 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my 3 child it a boy I must say this pregnancy is very different from my last two I`m dealing with high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and sleepless nights but I`m sure that all of us, but other then that I`m really enjoying my pregnancy

Tashu84 (554 days ago)
I`ve been able to breath so easily thoughout this pregnancy. The first 2 I was always breathless. This baby is smaller for a change. But I have been very lucky. No back pain, I can still sleep on my belly and still see my feet. Roll on October 14 little one!!

LittlePapas (557 days ago)
Me and my husband are super excited and can`t wait to meet our little boy Elijah. I am 31 weeks today yipee. I have had so many problems with this pregnancy so making is this far is wonderful. Gestational diabetes, lower back contractions, dizzy spells and to top it off out little one is breach. Our Dr. is giving him 2-4 weeks to turn hopefully he does or we will need c-section. Yesterday I went and had a prenatal massage wow that was amazing. I actually slept through the entire night and feel great this morning. Recommended to any expecting moms out there. I just had her avoid my tummy area. Hang in there everyone we are almost there ?

Amandah (595.8 days ago)
@SharonLopez - “@Amandah - “Up all...„
Hang in there dear we will be not sleeping anyways getting up every couple hours to feed em we might as well get use to it. Lol it`ll be worth it all.

SharonLopez (597.8 days ago)
@Amandah - “Up all night last ni...„
Me to I still sometimes flip over at night but then it hurts so I have to flip back

SharonLopez (597.8 days ago)
Im super excited about my baby boy as time nears im getting nervous I have a perious preterm baby so I get shots weekly so far its working I feel contractions starting last night though and the heat this year is so bad I go to doctor today so I will see what she has to say I plan on talking about inducing if he plans to stay in but with the sharp pain I had last night we will see been drinking lots of water so I dont think its dehydration

Amandah (597.9 days ago)
Up all night last night yet again can`t wait to be a tummy sleeper again lol oh well it`ll be worth it

Amandah (600.3 days ago)
Coming on 31 weeks and so ready to have my 3rd child. My little girl is the biggest blessing in my life right now and am thanking God for her... although she will have to have immediate kidney surgery as soon as she is born I`m thanking God it is something correctible

KaidenBarnes16 (635.7 days ago)
31wks and 3 days. My husband and I are so excited. This is our first child together and it`s a BOY! We can`t wait to meet our miracle angel because I was told I couldn`t have children after my daughter was born. Little Kaidens brother and sister are so excited to meet him as well. Counting down the days. Boy O Boy....Yaaaayyyyy!!!

sunshinepanda16 (640.5 days ago)
i have about 9 weeks left, im excited to meet miss aubriaunna nykole :)

noraa (680.5 days ago)
It`s not anyone`s place to judge. When it comes to having kids, it`s a personal choice. I know a family with 10 children who are all well brought up, educated, and leading prosperous lives. People with good values raise great children, no matter how many, people with no values don`t have what it takes to raise even one.

JessieH (713.3 days ago)
@noraa - “JessieH should be ni...„
It`s hard for me to be nice to irresponsible people. Sorry, I`m from Philly. But honestly, how can you properly raise them with the morals you mentioned and give attention to each child when you have a litter to look after? It`s a perfectly reasonable question... And why, in this day and age, when birth control is practically free and readily available, would you reproduce so many times? It puts a strain on the planet and the food chain, whether you want to acknowledge that or not. If you think it isn`t nice of me to state the scientific and financial facts then continue ignoring them and expanding your litter. I`m just grateful for the couples that decide NOT to reproduce. They are the truly unselfish ones. Kisses and hugs

Nehemiahs mom (725.3 days ago)
Omg I`m almost done I cant wait to meet Lil nehemiah ....

noraa (728.9 days ago)
JessieH should be nice to all the mommies to be who are expecting their 4-7th child. People should say something nice or not say anything at all. They should never put a price on the cost of raising a child (properly). Raising a child properly means that you teach him/her to value life and respect the rights of others. This site is nice, let`s keep it this way.

BabyTbun (792.4 days ago)
31 today and am so happy n thankful to god for making it this far.

Millerbaby2016 (838.5 days ago)
31 weeks today o can`t believe how fast this pregnancy is going. sending out the baby shower invites tomorrow. Can`t wait to meet my little guy. His sister is sooooo excited to meet him !!

08marilyc (863.7 days ago)
Im excited to see my baby boy. My daughter is excited to see her baby brother, another great blessing. God willing everything goes well with our baby boy. I have been having pregnany problems been in and out of the hospital since 8weeks pregnant. Staying positive and hoping for the best. All in gods hands

Chinwendym (889 days ago)
It`s the final 10 weeks!! Hurray! Will see my boy soon

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