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Week 3 starts on day 21 and goes up to day 28.
It is your 4e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 0,1 millimeter / 0,004 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 gram / 0 ozs

This is an exciting week if you are pregnant. At this time, towards the end of the week you should be able to see a positive result on a pregnancy test. In the NOD list you can see that the first positive test will be visible approximately 2 days before your next period, around 27 days. This is still early to do a pregnancy test as your body is only now beginning to get flooded with the hCG (pregnancy hormone). Waiting another week will provide you with a much clearer indication of pregnancy.

The fused sperm and egg cell is known as a `zygote` which is the same as `fertilised egg`. This zygote contains the genetic characteristics of both parents. For 24 hours after fertilization there isn't much activity but then the zygote begins to split and will reach around one hundred new cells after approximately four days. At this time the divided egg is called a `blastocyst` because it resembles a small blackberry.
This blastocyst is moved along the uterus but the ciliae. Although it moves only a few centimeters, it takes around five to seven days to make this journey. Once the egg embeds itself on the wall of the uterus it has reached 0.1 to 0.2mm in size. Small cells will attach themselves to the outside layer of the blastocyte and these will eventually become the placenta. The egg will now disappear completely into the uterine wall which is now thick and well vascularized by the progesterone now flooding the body. Cell division will continue now until the baby eventually consists of over a billion cells. From the time when the blastocyte becomes embedded in the uterine wall it is known as an embryo.

In this week your body will be busy making a variety of hormones. These hormones help to protect the embryo by ensuring your body doesn't see it as a foreign intruder and try to eject it. The progesterone makes the cervix impermeable and the mucus plug will form, closing the cervix off to protect the fetus.
The uterus is now being supplied with extra blood there is a possibility that a little spot of bleeding will occur if a blood cell is ruptured.

This is called implantation bleeding. It is not serious and affects on average one in three women. Providing there is no pain, abdominal cramping and the blood loss is not too severe then you should not worry, however if any of these symptoms do occur you should inform your doctor.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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taiyse (54.4 days ago)
hello ive got a question ive ovulate 11 days ago my tep has been up so am I pregnant first doing the temp thing need help

Rm06 (130.2 days ago)
Im about 46days delay, my first day of my last period menstruation was aug 31, 3017 and up to now. I dont have mens. I took PT but its negative. Please help me. Last few weeks i experienced bloating, constipation and also nausea. I also experience diarrhea. Please help me

Ashkash (153.6 days ago)
Is anyone experiencing morning sickness? Magnesium oil rubbed on the bottom of your feet will take it away instantly!!! I am 8 weeks a long now and I am so grateful to know about this all natural cure. I haven`t had morning sickness this severe with my first three pregnancies. This has been a life saver!!!

Ashkash (154.7 days ago)
Is anyone experiencing morning sickness? Magnesium oil rubbed on the bottom of your feet will take it away instantly!!! I am 8 weeks a long now and I am so grateful to know about this all natural cure. I haven`t had morning sickness this severe with my first three pregnancies. This has been a life saver!!!

sayoddy (215.8 days ago)
I`m trying for baby No.2 in 2nd cycle. my last cycle were 36 and 45days respectively. I`m in day 24 and dh is tired of having scheduled bd.

cneal (322 days ago)
I am 10DPO no symptoms and BFN 8 dpo. Ovulated on the 27. DTD on the 25 and 29th. So nervous. Want to be pregnant so badly

Lyndsy lou (324.7 days ago)
Yay I got my BFP!!! My rainbow baby will be here December 2017!!!

Queen2438 (349.2 days ago)
@Cassandrah23 - “Im really excited......„
It will b my first too I`m excited. Praying for me n I pray for u to the mother land

Queen2438 (349.2 days ago)
I`m excited to I`m praying for this week because this will b my first baby at age 25

Praying4ourRainbow (355.6 days ago)
Really hoping this month is my month! Its all I can do to not test right now, but I know its still a little early to know for sure!
I`m ready for my rainbow baby!

topletico (360.2 days ago)
Also praying for a positive reading. I want to give it a time before running home test

StacieAnn (367.2 days ago)
Praying for a positive reading...#OurRainbowBaby

kristelkayeful (371 days ago)
@Bella B - “Has anybody experien...„
Did you take a test yet? I have the same thing going on right now

Bella B (377.8 days ago)
Has anybody experienced an implantation bleed that only lasted one wipe... yesterday I wen to toilet, when I wiped I had egg white mucus with a bit of brown blood, but nothing since... I have been reading blogs and websites and most women say it lasted 1 -2 days...

geetha410 (447.9 days ago)
Finger crossed for me

Cassandrah23 (466.3 days ago)
Im really excited...this is my first!

Lyndsy lou (466.3 days ago)
Took a test today and it was bfp! So excited this will be number 2! So happy right now!!!

BOOKET (492.8 days ago)
@Krystal14922 - “Guessing no one is a...„
I will be

Krystal14922 (495 days ago)
Guessing no one is active on this site

jayree78 (541.7 days ago)
got a bfp yesterday! excited! scared! nervous! i don`t know how to feel?? I didn`t think I could have any more children... I sure hope it sticks. this will be our last go round! hoping for a strong healthy boy!!

Ellelingwood (543.5 days ago)
I took a test today and it was a bfn but I still have 7days untill due af I`m so emotional I want a baby and I really believe I have one growing inside me boohoo so sad

stannerz1990 (549.5 days ago)
I should of started period on 24th July this year but didn`t start but I started spotting instead on 25th July and lasted 3 days on and off and then I had quite a few symptoms so I took a 3 HCG tests and it was very faint positive line. And I took 2 more few days later but later in the day it came bk negative and today 21/08/16 I took another HCG still a faint positive line and started spotting again but not heavy .... Light on both occasions. But had a miscarriage on 29/05/16 was 6 weeks and 2 days but didn`t no til 26/05/16 but stopped bleeding had a normal period in June worried... Docs sending me for blood test this week so hopefully everythin is fine... What do u all think???

Lenia5b55 (630.4 days ago)
I`m in pain in my abdominal back and front can`t lay a certain way and can`t walk and stand to long I`m 3weeks pregnant is a minute before I go to my doctor what should I do I`ve miscarried before

alisha041681 (651.4 days ago)
I had a period on April 3. Then again on the 17 anyone know what date I should go by I got a positive yesterday I`m very nervous because I`m on meds for anxiety and blood pressure and I`m 35 years old

MrsAndiB (673.7 days ago)
So is any one actively on this site?

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