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Week 29 starts on day 203 and goes up to day 210.
It is your 30e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 36.5 centimeter / 14.4 inches
Weight of your baby: 1100 gram / 2 lbs 7 ozs

The baby's skin is getting smoother, thanks to the gradual accumulation of fat beneath it. This also makes the skin look pinker.

Your baby's brain is developing rapidly during this stage of pregnancy. Most babies will react to sound from about 29 weeks.

The baby´s primary requirement during this third and final trimester is nutrition. So eat as healthily as possible and make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals. Protein, vitamin C, iron, calcium and folic acid are particularly important.

Your baby can still move quite easily but will have less and less space as the weeks pass. It's probably very easy to feel him moving now, and he certainly gets up to some antics now and then. You´ll notice more of a pattern in his movements. Sometimes he can be extremely active, but he can also sleep peacefully for hours at a time.

Many women suffer from backache and/or a painful pubic bone. This is usually round ligament pain or just plain backache. The pain is often caused by poor posture.

You might find your shoes are a bit tight. It is perfectly normal for you to have swollen feet as your body is retaining water. Try to wear loose-fitting clothes and shoes. Not only will prolonged standing make your feet swell, it is also increases the risk of backache and varicose veins. That is why it is very important to alternate between sitting and standing if at all possible.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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RWILSON23 (33.4 days ago)
Scared to get cut again but on the other hand I have 11 more weeks to meet my prince in I can`t wait I love u Christian Amir

madeintexas806 (165 days ago)
Getting nervous. But ready ready ready. Thank you Lord for so many blessings.

Chescat90 (246.2 days ago)
still no idea what we`re having so it`s going to be a huge surprise on the surgery date <3 Love him/her already!

Nivee Raj (265.5 days ago)
Can anyone explain about how to count the month. How many weeks counts seventh month?

gettagripgee (287 days ago)
My last of six......I`m so excited and worried all at the same time. you would think after having 5 children it would be a breeze but every one of them was a breathtaking experience!!! Can`t wait to see you Austin!!!!! Love my SuperSix

Lexbubble2 (297.8 days ago)
Thank you God

MrsWoke (300.7 days ago)
Please join us and thank God Almighty for His love,grace,mercy upon our lives today we are 29 weeks old hip!hip!!hip!!! Hurray!

Shameeka (366 days ago)
OK, so I`m approaching 29 weeks tomorrow. Cant wait, July can`t come fast enough

momtobeoftwo (378.5 days ago)
I`m finally 29 weeks 10 weeks to go till delivery

sayoddy (483.8 days ago)
I feel proud that I`m showing my baby bump.

BabyTbun (504.6 days ago)
29weeks yepppppppi. Tnk u lord.

Octivia (506.2 days ago)
29 weeks and 4days Yayy

Millerbaby2016 (552.2 days ago)
29 weeks today!! Can`t believe how fast this pregnancy is going !! Can`t wait to meet my little guy. !!

mallorys (599.4 days ago)
I am also 29 weeks today!! Can`t wait to meet the newest addition to out family!!

mrs hansen (608.2 days ago)
I`m 29weeks today-wow time is flying,can`t wait to meet my boy, as discovered

Scraggles86 (608.4 days ago)
29 weeks and happy happy happy. Been put on double dose if iron tablets but I feel great

bgiganti (618.9 days ago)

Princess Nita (625.2 days ago)
Im 29 weeks cant wait to meet my baby boy

tresa (625.4 days ago)
29weeks yeep

alishab (664.5 days ago)
waiting on Ariyah to arrive 29wks 2dys

AshleyWashington002 (669.8 days ago)
29 weeks with twins i can`t sleeeeep omg counting down days to see my babies and no more shots for gestational diabetes

klissia (670.5 days ago)
Yeaaa!!! I am 29 weeks and 3 days!! I am so excited but also very scared since this is my first baby!! I hope I can count on those mommy instincts to come in once she comes out.

cknezevich (677 days ago)

sind (677.8 days ago)
29 weeks!im super excited and cant wait to c my little girl. Lets hang in there ladies

Keonaona porter (681.1 days ago)
Can`t wait to meet our baby girl we are almost their and so excited

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