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Week 28 starts on day 196 and goes up to day 203.
It is your 29e pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 35 centimeter / 13.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 900 gram / 1 lbs 16 ozs

You have reached the next milestone. You are in the third and final trimester! Your baby is really starting to look like a newborn child now. His head is no longer too big compared with his body; the proportions are starting to look more normal.

The cartilage is gradually becoming bone. The baby's skull will remain soft to make birth easier. It will be well after birth before the fontanels disappear and the skull hardens.

The down or lanugo that covered the baby is starting to disappear and will be partly replaced by sebum. This is like an oily cream and will prevent the baby's skin from dehydrating. You may be able to see it just after the baby has been born. The later the birth, the less sebum will be visible.

The baby's sense of taste is developing now, as the taste buds form. Not that your baby has much to taste. Amniotic fluid is practically flavourless.

Boys and girls will start to differ in weight from about this week. Generally speaking, boys are a little heavier than girls.

Bad dreams

You may start having bad dreams. These are your fears and feelings surfacing while you sleep. Many women worry that their nightmares will come true and consequently feel very restless or scared after yet another bad dream. But that's perfectly normal and certainly does not mean they will come out! You dream every night. You will actually remember your dreams more easily now, as you sleep more lightly during pregnancy. It's nature's way of preparing you for the arrival of your baby. It ensures you'll wake up more quickly if your baby cries.

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Over 1.000 comments on this topic

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baby De (102.7 days ago)
I give God praise for how far he s brot me seriously am expecting to see m Lil prince charming

chisimdi (421.1 days ago)
Am 28 weeks and 4 days. Why do I feel so heavy and find it so difficult to move around

madeintexas806 (477.3 days ago)
Finally in the last strech. Cant wait to meet our little girl.

Maygi (511.7 days ago)
I can`t wait to meet my little baby girl

anthonyandclarissa (530.9 days ago)
I just had a bad dream yesterday. So vivid, my Anthony face was deformed and i was holding on to him so tight i kept saying omg im sorry cause i knew it had to be my fault. I could actually feel the panic and hurt in my heart. I had to remind my self it was just a dream. I kinda enjoyed how much my heart loves him and the feeling of him being mine and my responsibility.

bbyesqvl (584.7 days ago)
@MrsWoke - “Praise God we are fi...„

bbyesqvl (584.7 days ago)
Cant wait til i have my bundle of joy

MrsWoke (610 days ago)
Praise God we are finally in our third trimester. To God be all the glory.

Mayes2016 (611.2 days ago)
I cant wait to meet my little baby Girl or Boy as long as the baby is healthy that`s all that i care about is a healthy baby I cant wait to have this baby and my one year old baby Girl can meet her Bother or Sister

Mayes2016 (611.2 days ago)
I am 28 weeks along and I still don`t know what i am having we went in to find out and the baby didn`t want us to know

Shameeka (671.9 days ago)
28 weeks, 3 days.... Jermaine, Jermaine, can`t wait to hold my BABE.....

momtobeoftwo (683.1 days ago)
Yay 2 more months till I meet my baby boy

momtobeoftwo (686.2 days ago)
Yay 2 more months till I meet my baby boy

JessieH (729.2 days ago)
Hooray 3rd trimester!!! Good luck ladies!

Solovely09 (748.5 days ago)
Finally in my 3rd trimester. I`m so excited. So ready to meet my little guy. My second son! I feel so blessed.

dabba13 (772.8 days ago)
Yay 3rd trimester!

Ashanthi (775.6 days ago)
Thank u soo mch almighty God.. I`m having a little champ this time.V have two baby girls & our family feels perfect now.. I`m blessed..

ashanthi (780.3 days ago)
3rd trimester..exited

sayoddy (793.6 days ago)
Hello third trimester. Pls be nice to me and let me thread through gently. You`ve beginning to bring on your symptoms too early with the constipation

BabyTbun (812.8 days ago)
I finally reach can`t wait to be able to hold you n show u how much u mean to me. Soon n very soon baby.

Bumbum7 (816.7 days ago)
Can`t wait to meet my baby boy!

CandiceCheatham (818.8 days ago)
Yay!! 84 days til my due date. My first boy!! I can`t wait to meet him.

sherika31 (820.7 days ago)
So ready for him to be with us cant wait to meet my baby boy

priscy (834.3 days ago)
28 weeks and a day.. its really running fast. I can`t wait to meet this baby who seperated me from the `world`. Am already in love with u.. I don`t want to know the sex of the baby, I think I want it as a surprise. I will love u baby no matter your sex

monroedior (861.9 days ago)
Aww im 28 weeks cant wait to hold my bundle of joy

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